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U wanna legalize weed??

  1. Backup is the best way to legalize

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  2. Why not legalize?

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  1. Im here to represent the struggle of legalization in West Virginia and would like some back up across the entire Us and the world for the right to get stoned.

  2. We need legalization for peace with all stoners and non stoners too!
  3. Everyone represent your neighborhoods and someone will recongnize eventually
  4. naw man all we want is tolerance for our drug, legalization would turn it int oa nother goverment cash crop, and we are tryin to fight the man, SO I CALL FOR TOLERANCE like in canada.


  5. in my perfect world, there'd be no government, therefore, no laws, and therefore, weed would be all good
  6. why wood weed being a cash crop be bad?...then it would just be hella cheap:smoke:

    edit-and the original stoners(before it got legal) would be like the coolest people ever!

  7. also companies could take it to labs and turn the potency up like crazy..... itd be like jack herer x's 50

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