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  1. we all know its inevitable, i just want to know ur opinions on how soon it will come.
    2-3years maybe? idk what do you guys think?
  2. My history teacher says never... hahah
    i think it will be in the next 10 years though...

  3. 2-3 years?? HAH not a chance.

    I have a feeling that at some point it is just going to naturally get to be a lower and lower priority for the court systems, and it will slowly drift into a decriminalized limbo before someone finally legislates a dutch-like grey area that the law doesn't-quite-touch.

    As for when...15-20 years?...
  4. put zeros behind your first estimate and you'd have mine.

    the government hasnt even removed marijuana off of schedule 1 drugs, meaning in their eyes there is no medicinal benifit to pot. no matter what the liberal west coast wants to do.

    barack obama is a spineless politician who if elected will not do anything about the war on pot. and if MCcain is elected we'd have 0 chance of your dream coming true

    pot cant be prohibited forever, but I dont see it happening that soon
  5. ^^exactly. not anytime soon.
  6. really? I was just wondering because it seems like cannabis is becoming more widely accepted in pop culture and the media.. maybe its just me
  7. I think declassification might happen sooner than it becoming decriminalized. Which means I think the first step would be taking off being a Schedule 1 substance.

    I really hate how its ranked up there by the gov't to be as dangerous as heroin and cocaine.
  8. I say 10-15 years. I mean come on how retarded does this government have to be??
  9. if only someone would list all the reasons why it should be legal like on fox news or something, so the majority of our nation will be pro-marijuana..
  10. well we are dealing with an office of idiots essentially.

    if the government were smart they would mass produce weed;
    sell it like cigs, etc.

    that would make an ungodly amount of money
  11. Even though I'm usually cynical I do have hope if Obama is elected (even if Joe Biden is his VP). For some reason I feel like some meaningful studies would be funded and accepted, whereas past administrations just wipe their asses with studies. With Barney Frank's bill in the house it feels like something could actually start to happen within the next five years if Obama is elected. If McCain is elected, I fear for medical marijuana.
  12. this is america. We might be the land of the free, but we have one of the dumbest and ignorant governments aroound. I say vote obama, that gives us a .001 percent chance.
  13. get people from the court to do it and see what they think about it :rolleyes:
  14. It's just all about us stepping up. It could be within five years or decades away depending on how we take it. We need to make ourselves seen and heard. We need to get off our asses!
    Report on Amy Whinehouse supposedly overdosing on weed. This is the stupid shit that makes everyone look down on anyone who smokes and gets brainwashed with the weed is so dangerous speech.

    "Her second overdose was in July — when she inhaled an “inhuman” amount of marijuana that left her vomiting uncontrollably and hallucinating.

    At the time, Winehouse's devoted dad Mitch, 54, said it was a “bad reaction to her medication.”

    Medics are worried Amy’s brain was damaged by the cannabis overdose — she displayed symptoms normally associated with schizophrenia."

    The anti-bud crowd is just misinformed with all of this bullshit on foxnews.

  16. really maybe in some movies, but watch on tv. When they talk about the proposed bill on Fox News how ignorant they are, the bitch said if its ok to have 3.5 ounces of pot soon it will be ok to have a smidge of crack/cocaine in a bitchy like tone. When she was talking to Ron Paul, one of the few politicians I respect who actually is old school and truly stands up for the people's original constiution rights.

    Then they brought some bitch on the show saying it hasn't worked with legalazation in the netherlands saying herion use as gone up and its clearly cause of the acceptance of marijuana which is complete bullshit.

    Also stating that when Alaska legalized it, pot smoke went up 2-3 percent sooooo what. Why does that matter, it seems like the media will make any excuse why pot is illegal or come out with some bullshit depression link with marijuana study.
  17. It will happen...but I doubt it will happen before the year 2020. We will be lucky to see it in our lifetime. We are seeing some progress like medical uses, etc...but its going extremely slow.

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