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    Im sure many of you not lucky enough to live in a place where it has been legalized are wondering how its going. Well, things seem pretty good here. The only bad thing is that people are smoking it everywhere, I would say being out and doing things means I smell it at least every other day (and im not talking about concerts  and  college campuses, im talking about parks, the mall parking lot, etc).While private consumption is legal, public consumption is supposed to be a $100 fine without jail time, but I have never seen or heard of anyone getting a ticket for it. The reason this is bad is that its the stuff prohibitonist complain about and it is so irritating to see people smoke in public risking a very tenuous victory.
    Also here is an interesting article about the changes being seen

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    On one hand..I kinda want cops to atleast tell people to put out their joints in public..
    On the other, kinda makes me happy as there has to be a point in our culture where people smelling marijuana shouldn't be a big deal. Be nice if you could smoke a joint in places where you can smoke a cigarette.
    I'm moving to seattle in Sept..and I lived there for 4 years in Bremerton. I left in January and it was nice..the area outside of bars you could smell more marijuana smoke than cigarettes..cops didn't was great.
  3. From what I have heard the police, especially on the westside of the state, are giving a 6-12 month grace period for smoking in public, no tickets just warnings and after that they will start enforcing it much more. Even still cops will primarily use warnings similar to open container laws with alcohol IMO.

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  4. Why should people care? The idea that cannabis is an issue is the insanity we are trying to get past
  5. That's fucking awesome. Can't wait till this happens worldwide.
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    We shouldn't but as a I said in my post to start this thread, this was a very tenuous victory (tenuous means very weak and it wouldnt take much to have it taken away or at least a big fight). I have no problem with public smoking in principle. What bothers me is that you have to know that prohibitionists are going to say. In the states where it is legal people are smoking in public. Do you want your kids to be exposed to open DRUG use?!?! Do what you can to fight legalization-brought to you by assholes of america. You have to KNOW that is coming. The close minded anti legalization shit heads are so predictable you  KNOW its coming
  7. So I'm not sure what part of Washington you're in but I haven't been smelling it anymore than I did prior to legalization.
    While I think things are going well in our state's legalization steps there are some additions to the law made recently I'm not entirely thrilled about. They've ruled out sales of kief, hash, etc. I think it would be safer to sell hash then have people with little to no knowledge trying to make bho. I've read in the news in the last few weeks of several incidents where people were making bho and either burned or harmed themselves in some way.
    Also I think they could alleviate some of the public smoking if they do allow private clubs which is something they're not planning on doing...
    I'm also not to thrilled about the growing standards they've set up. Has to be indoor and video monitored from seed to store. This makes it hard for smaller growers to break into the market and means it will be dominated by soon to be industry giants.
    That said I'm excited to toke down some Diego Pellicer.
  8. Oh and I do have a problem with people smoking in public. Just like I don't want people smoking cigarettes around my 3 year old I also don't want people smoking cannabis around him.
    I'm an adult with a family and good job who partakes responsibly and not at the expense of the health of others. If I could smoke at the bar in a section that everyone else was smoking and having a good time that's one thing but just anywhere out in public I'm not cool with. I've already got to deal with that with cigarettes walking in and out of restaurants and stores, although I like cannabis I don't want somebody elses second hand smoke crammed down my throat.
  9. Is Washington going to be selling it recreationally to anyone over 21? I haven't kept up with Washington that much although I'll be living 10 minutes away from the state line next month.
  10. So basically, you want to limit other people's rights for your own benefit?

    I agree with most of what you said, but your ideology of your rights being above everybody else, IMO, is what has screwed America.

    And using a child as a reason is no different than the govt. doing it IMO.

    I have small kids as well, but I'm responsible and no law needs to be created to ensure that I'm responsible (and irresponsible people don't follow laws anyways), just like when I go out in public, I avoid smoking areas with my kids and it's never been an issue.

    Why do you need a law to protect your children?
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  11. See I see it in the opposite light.
    I don't believe I put my rights above anyone elses. I think there should be smoking areas for people that wish to partake. There should be areas that are free of smoke for those that don't. It's that simple.
    I agree that irresponsible people don't follow laws anyways and even if the government enacts them some people will not follow them. Still I think that it's completely fair to designate smoking and non-smoking areas and don't see how that's me putting my rights above anyone else or ruining the country...but whatever man.
    i live in Southern Snohomish County. Where are you. I cant believe you don't smell it everywhere. Its everywhere I go almost. I smell it in public at least once every 3 days on average.
    In December it will be sold in state run stores. I think you probably will have to have a Washington ID.
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    Well, I hope you're wrong, lol. In Colorado(where I'm at now) it will be sold to anyone over 21 regardless of residency.
  14. I hope Oregon isn't too far behind. It's almost that way now, for people with cards. I think the prices should reflect this too. People without cards should not have to pay so much more than what we pay at a dispensary.
  15. My friend who lives in Everett says she smells it around her apartment complex more one is trying to hide it..
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    I don't mean to be  the bearer of likely bad news, but allowing anyone regardless of state residency to buy it would open us up to more federal scrutiny.
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  17. just publish a study that compares THC smoke to nicotine smoke, and whichever one kills rats faster (the nicotine) should be more restricted for health concerns.
    budbro is right, cannabis should not be the social issue anymore, it's easier to just ignore anti-legalization people where their logic doesn't apply
  18. Both Colorado and Washington will allow non-residents to purchase marijuana.  In Colorado, the state limits non-residents to purchase a quarter ounce, while Washington has the same limits (an ounce) for both non-residents and residents.
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    I'm in Vancouver, WA. Yeah I have to say I haven't smelled it any more than usual.
    I probably smell it every 3 days on average as it is though.

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