Legalization of marijuana for the better or worst ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by IzzyRastafari, May 15, 2011.

  1. The title says it all, what do you think?
  2. Under regulated conditions similar to booze, then it would be an excellent thing.
  3. Yes but dealers will be out of buisnesse and it would cost more than usual
  4. Legalize it.
    I don't know why in hell it would cost More if it were actually legal.
    Makes no sense.
  5. Idk taxes probably
  6. Yeah what you just said makes no sense. When prop 19 was up to vote advocates were talking about how with taxes an ounce of high grade Cali bud would only be like $60. So it would be extraordinarily cheaper than it is right now.
  7. Are you high or what?
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    Agree, Legalize Marijuana Right Now !

  9. Those statements are contradicting.

    Let's assume that legal marijuana costs more "than usual".
    How would that remove the black market? It wouldn't, and dealers would still be in business as they would sell illegally(as they do now).

    Dealers will be out of business once legal marijuana can be purchased at a lower cost. And this is not a bad thing.

    After legalization, when growers will actually be able to compete, the price of marijuana will eventually be around the same price as rolling tobacco.
    That means it will most likely range in the $1-$30/oz (plus taxes).
    That means a customer could get lower quality at $51/oz and high-quality at about $80/oz.

    (I said eventually. Most likely prices will initially be at around black market levels, until businesses compete with each other, cutting their rather large profit margins.)

  10. ITA.
    Let companies like Phillip Morris or RJ Reynolds or Walmart get into the fray and the prices for weed would drop like a rock.
  11. Corporate...weed? That seems like an oxymoron.
  12. it really doesnt make a difference at all.
    legal or not, im still able to get high.
  13. Why not? With corporate backing, Mj could really take off and replace alcohol as the nations choice of intoxicant.
    The corporate genetic wizards could dial in the right combinations of cannabinoids for whatever type of high you'd like. From couchlock (indica) to refreshing mind freedom (sativa).
    And with huge corporate financing, large scale grow ops could result in lower pricing and using ISO 9000 rules, the quality would go up.
    Picture a price war between Walmart and Target over a popular brand of MJ. And maybe they'll offer 2 for 1 coupons in an effort to keep you coming back.
    The possibilities are endless.
  14. ^ +1 for this guy ^

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