Legality in Canada?

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  1. Hey, I know weed is illegal in Canada, but I was just wondering... if I were to get caught with, say, 5 grams, what would happen? I heard somewhere that you get ticketed if you have a certain amount on you, but i also heard that you just get your ass slammed behind bars even if you have as little as a gram on you... anyone know as to what the whole deal is? I'm too lazy to read all these official government documents about marijuana prohibition, and I just want to know.
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    Weed is not legal there, I know that for a fact.

    Edit: But there are medical purposes like MMJ states in the USA
  3. It's medicinal but the only good dispensaries are in Vancouver, they have some crazy smoke shops.
  4. It's illegal but some places it well ignored, I sit in my yard blazing up hardcore or sitting outside at some places smoking a joint.

    But you get the point never carry anything over a quarter most likely they'll take your weed and be on your way without attitude.

    I love British Columbia shit is so down to earth chill spot.

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