Legalising weed: The good, the bad and the very bad

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  1. Have any of you ever thought about the negative effects of cannabis legalisation?

    The Good:
    - Cheap ass high [POETIC ;D] quality weed.
    - Going to work stoned or even blazing at work, hell yeah.
    - Another public holiday, possibly. Let's hope it doesnt turn out like christmas or valentine's day
    - Hemp toilet paper [FINALLY]

    The Bad:
    - Due to ordinary law abiding citizen's intrest of weed's effects, they will most likely 'expand their minds' thus giving way for an upsurge in demand for couches\lazy boyz and couch customization tools.
    - More retarded conspiracy theories.
    - Due to hemp's quicker growth and greater yield [Compared to trees that make wood], prices for paper, clothing, fuel and various other things hemp can be used for would drop, this could possibly DESTROY THE ECONOMY.

    Im not against legalisation, but I like the way the world works [Im talking about the little things we take for granted, like just going to a pharmacist and being able to buy some RüÜüFiEs, you feeling me?] and I just want to know if any of you think we as humans are ready to change our ways.

    Another thing, I had to put this on it's own, do any of you think that if hemp was used as a fuel, for paper, for clothing or to generate electricity and prices came down drastically due to seemingly infinite resources, could it be possible that all those things become basic human rights??? Like we could get free electricity [That shit is expensive], free fuel and even free bio-degradeable hemp toilet paper. Come on people what do you think??? Could we as humen [Doesn't that make a better plural ;D], change our mindsets? Changes like this could eliminate greed, jealousy would cease to exist if we all were equal [Speaking figuratively, economy would collapse long before any real changes are noticed]. I really want to know where we will be in 50 years, life is so interesting.

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