Discussion in 'General' started by jcbnfl98, Feb 3, 2003.

  1. is this site legal? if so how?
  2. were only here cause we're an underground law breaking posse. shh.

    did you know they have the internet on computers now?
  3. Maybe not legal so to speak, but tollerable because we do not allow buying or selling on the site.

    They can't shut us down just because we are talking to each other.

    Sensi, when did the put internet on computers? Thats the first I've ever herd of that!
  4. Even if it's not legal, you don't hear me complaining!

    (not saying that you were)
  5. For a lot of the posters in their home state/country it may be even legal to smoke, grow etc.

    but when it comes down to it. Your just typing on a webpage and posting your thoughts. :)

  6. How could this site NOT be legal? I could get it if we were selling some sticky green but we aren't. We just talk about it...while we smoke it!!!! :)
  7. RMJL You make me *smile*
  8. Awww...You make me smile too, Sugar Booger!!!!
  9. what would we do without the city??
  10. yea man we're no tdoing anything wrong here man freedon of speech brotha
  11. You guys are forgetting that any illegal actions described on this forum are purely works of fiction.

  13. even if this was agenst the law i think we would all still come hear i meen fuck it we need the city

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