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Legal Weed????????

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by PurpHazey, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Has anyone ever tried this? Tell me what you think about it. I just got the may issue of High Times and International Oddities is advertising it on a couple of pages so I was just wondering if its any good
  2. Nope. It doesnt have thc. I heard it taste like shit on top of not gettin you a buzz
  3. waste of cash because ITS NOT WEED... why the fuck cant people press the damn search button... cmon ... just once for a change. there are like 6 of these threads a week AT LEAST.
  4. mhm. popular topic.

    in addition to what green said, it burns real bad, and yes, tastes like shit. it's more like smoking a black. my cousin bought some from herbalsmokeshop and told me all about it, she said it was the worst spent 50 bucks she ever spent
  5. Friend bought some of it, Wizard's Grass or Wizard something, and shitty as fuck; for one I haven't seen so many stems and it's scent was minty and I literally was nausiated by how strong it was. It didn't do shit for me, not even a buzz and I had been drinking. Don't bother with legal herbs.
  6. You are an asshole- enough said
  7. yeah ... im an asshole because the search button was sitting on the dashboard... im an asshole because i get sick of reading these threads everyfuckingday. yes it drives me CRAZY reading people posting about this. because the didnt manage to take one step in checking it out for themselves.

    me an asshole? no... just angry and frustrated.
  8. I dont think he is, threads about this occur so much they could make a sticky and people would STILL ask about it, it gets really frustrating after a while.

    edit:Crush lol you read my mind before i even posted this
  9. someone asks about it freakin once a day. so damn annoying.

    i hope for the day a topic says "legal weed!" and i open it and it says
    "america has now legalized the sale and distribution of marijuana" ;)
  10. thankyou voodoo. id give ya +rep but i must spread it around some more before giving ya some.

    *edit* and after trying to give it to ucf it said the same thing ill get ya next time around guys.
  11. There should be like a limit on how many of the same topics there can be per week, haha. I really don't understand how people don't know how to use the search button. If it is a "newb question" or something so simple as this, you KNOW that there's an old thread that answers your question.
  12. or in this case 400,000 of the same threads..
  13. Or maybe he did search but didnt like the info he found. Or maybe he did like the info and thought maybe there would be some new info on the same topic. next time dont get aggravated ask if i use the search button.Forums are for asking questions not searching for your answer. if i wanted to search i would have went to a database not a FORUM
  14. I found several threads with an ample amount of information on legal bud, and everyone seems to say the same thing about them. If it's a unique question or something new, then it's fine to post it. But if it's on a topic that you know has been answered so many times to the point of nauseam, then just use the search button.
  15. maybe your not UNDERSTANDING our point... there are enough threads on this every day to go read... and every single one says they dont do shit. so maybe if you would have searched you would have found out instead of being flamed for doing something stupid. it makes no sense that they would even do anything in the first place!
  16. lol calm down crush

    but yea, the shit is pointless, should be in the general forum anyone. shit dont belong in the seasoned tokers board, its trash
  17. i had it gives you a buzz, but if you sprinkle it on your weed then smoke it, it fucks you up
  18. see this is the reason you ask the question again because you get different answers. Now if i listened to you CRush I would have never found this out in a search seeing that when i did search i didnt find this out. Anyway a forum is for asking questions!!! Peace Out
  19. word:)

  20. lol thats funny... go ahead buy it and see if it gives you a buzz... i wanna bet you an oz of kush that all it gives you is a headache.

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