Legal weed in the nations capitol, but not rest of US?

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  1. I don't get it...
    Biggest marijuana oxymoron to ever exist.
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    the PEOPLE have to do ALL the work because Congress
    and higher politicians will NOT do what's right for the people.
    why do you think the federal government exists? that in itself
    is an oxymoron. we free ourselves from british rule, commit
    genocide several times before the original colonies even thought
    of drafting a constitution. People followed blindly for so long that
    we let a secondary government control us and everything we see
    and hear. its going to be a long time before either a> people wake the
    fuck up or b> america blows itself up.
  4. This is what was reported when the citizens of RI wanted to legalize recreational cannabis.
    "Of course, cops have already jumped on the bill and said that the legislature needs to curb the bill without discussion. Cops were also blaming the state's medical marijuana program for crime and argued that there would be more home break-ins if cannabis cultivation was legalized. Because, you know, it's easier to illegally burglarize or rob someone of their single plant than to simply grow it yourself."
    The policeman's unions can go fark themselves IMO. I swear, they probably get boners just at the thought of finding cannabis in one's possession. Meanwhile, a sixty year old woman waltzes into a liquor store at 10:00 AM and waltzes out with two cases of Budweiser and a bottle of Jack Daniels (I've witnessed it). Happy Thanksgiving, you old bat. It's so refreshing to see you get your fix, while I spend the holidays jonesing. Bitch.
  5. Seeing as how there would most likely be a fraction of the no-knock drug raids with marijuana legalized, I would argue that home break-ins would be on the decline!
    Progress is slow, too slow, but at least it's being made. Honestly, ten years ago I doubted I'd see recreational marijuana legal in the US in my lifetime. Now, four states and a major city have, and the ball is only rolling towards more :smoke:
  6. Unfortunately DC's marijuana law can possibly be overturned by Congress, Let's hope they don't.
  7. That will not happen.
  8. true, Congress can overturn, but if they do the people would be pist. Taking away something the people voted that they want. I can just see the headlines, people take their voting stuff seriously, and even more so should.

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  9. Finally a legal area somewhat close to me at least on my coast. Will absolutely be taking a trip there once is gets stabilized. I agree, if Congress overruled and shot down something that the people overwhelmingly voted for, it could be a massive mess...sends a hell of a message, doesn;t it? your votes don't matter...
  10. Travel there for what. Sight seeing. There are not going to be any stores for rec.
  11. That blows. 
  12. I think they are working on a system to tax it and sale it in shops similar to Colorado and Washington. It's going to take a while maybe 6 months to a year.
  13. Not what they voted on. It says no store fronts and no taxes.

    This is the best bill by far.
  14. i know the bill didn't include it. But they are working on a system as we speak.
  15. So even though the people voted not to have them they can sti so what they want. Makes you think now doesn't it.
  16. They voted to have recreational use f mj legalized. All it says on the bill is up to 2 oz in possession and a certain amount of plants..

    This has been in the making for a year or so.. They decriminalized earlier this year and now that its legal They're going to have a system of sales and taxes and regulations on sales just like Colo. and Washington.

    Now Alaska is another story.. Im not sure if they will have a similar system. The state is so massive and rural that it would be hard to put a shop in every county and expect sales.
  17. I've always imagined the days of frolicking through fields of Alaskan thunder fuck until I'm as black as the goopiest tar pit.... In a Alaska of course
  18. If Obama was to legallize cannabis it would be one more nail in his coffin
    People would blame one more thing on him (rightfully so) But I for one don't want him getting credit for something the rest of us have been working hard to do.
    Imagine how the right wings would react to such an action  LOL.........................................
  19. Just read that about dc. They are predicting the first shops will open in early 2017 if the bill is still around. Yikes.
  20. It will still be around...
    I think congress would know better not to interfere... Especially with the kind of outcome that the voters presented.. 70% of voters supported. That is a huge majority. I think now is when the feds will start backing off. 

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