legal to order glass to idaho?

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  1. Is anyone familiar with the Idaho laws regarding ordering "water pipes" online?

    I did some research on the laws, and am reading conflicting information. From info on government websites, even unused clean "water pipes" are illegal paraphernalia, but after looking at a bunch of glass websites, i didn't find any that say they won't ship to Idaho. I've only seen refusal to ship to Pennsylvania and Iowa.

    Anyone have any info/ideas on this?
    I am looking to order form grasscity.
    There aren't any headshops in the state, so i'm looking to buy online.
  2. i goto school in PA, and my friends, including my roommate, have all ordered class online and had it shipped directly to the school no problem. Im sure youll be fine, and ALT does a good job of packaging so that issues are avoided. I wouldnt be too worried though
  3. Its times like this when im glad i live in CANADA! Healthcare and bongs FOR ALL!!!! :hello:
  4. I've ordered 3 bongs a bubbler spoon w/e and gotten it just fine here in idaho.

    It's not illegal.

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