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    looking for a web site where you can buy legal shrooms. it was something like botanicle or something but i lost it. it sell saliva and other legal highs also a lot of stuff. any help on finding the site or a similar site that sells what im looking for

    sorry for posting in the wrong section
  2. The only legal (psychoactive) shrooms out there are amanita, which are not nearly as good as proper psilocybin mushrooms. Have a search for legal highs or amanita muscaria
  3. bouncingbearbotanicals right?
  4. yup thats the 1 thanx man
  5. gimme some rep bitch :)

    lol jk :eek:
  6. Hey check out Exotic Shrooms! They've got everything your searching for. :smoke:

    Legal Shrooms

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