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  1. Im a bit nervous, a friend emailed me telling me he found a ridiculous deal for sick buds at a way too much amount.

    I dont want to be associated with him if he gets caught. I want to make sure I'm safe.

    I don't live with him (moved out due to that kind of behavior cuz i dont want to be into that)

    I live in few states away. Just want to make sure whatever he said, I dunno what he is doing but I dont want to be sucked into something if he fucks up.

    Im trying to start a career and dont want to fck up you know?

  2. So whats the question?
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    Dont want to get in trouble if he does and he was telling me about it could involve me?

    I would have preferred to not know damn...
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    If he does what? I'm extremely confused.
  5. Yeah dude you're fucked. This happened to a friend of mine, he had to actually move out of the country and change his name and all this stupid bullshit. If you get caught you're looking at 8 years in prison for conspiracy.

    Please dont listen to me.
  6. You're fine
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    Im so confused wtf?? :confused: What is he asking?
  8. He wants to know that if his buddy gets caught doing what-the-fuck-ever, and the cops look through his email and see that he talked to OP about what-the-fuck-ever, that he wont get introuble for it.
  9. My neighbor told my parents he was gonna get a gun and Rob a bank. My parents didn't think he was serious but he actually did and went to jail for like 7 years... But they didn't get in trouble cause he told them about it. Now if they said kewl we'll help plan your robbery then they could get in a lot of trouble.

    Bottom line is you can talk about w/e you want with your friend that's illegal without worry unless you help him plan something illegal and he gets caught doing it and you have record of helping him.
  10. Lol, Op needs to chillax and smoke a bowl. Bro, you're fine...
  11. i was watching a tv show and there was a girl telling all her friends about how she was gonna kill her mom on aim and they were all like "WOOO GO DO IT" and none of them got in trouble when she did it
  12. Just a bit of advice here. Dont talk about agreeing to buy or sell weight over the phone.

    I have seen it happen that where buddy A gets a call from buddy B. Buddy b says "Hey man, I got a great deal on x amount, you want to buy some?". Now it may sound like one hell of a deal, like a quarter pound of some primo for $250. The better the deal sounds, all the more reason to stfu. What buddy A doesnt know is that buddy B got busted doing something really stupid at college, either trafficking, cultivating large amounts, or selling much more serious drugs. Faced with prison time, buddy B picks up the nice officers phone like he is told do if he wants a deal, and he calls his "friends" that might go for it in hopes that he wont end up a prison bitch.

    Take that for what you will, but one of my friends got 6 years by falling for exactly that scenario.

    Unless you are legitimate, DO NOT talk agree to sale or purchase of any large amount over the phone. Some things are best handled in person if you just gotta do that kind of thing.

    As long as you dont agree to buy or sell though, nothing could possibly come of it. If even my best friend in the world called me out of the blue asking if I wanted to buy a large amount, I would just ask him if he was crazy and be sure to let him know that I didn't want to mess with anything like that.
  13. u even read his post?

  14. I misread it and for some reason was thinking the communication was a phone call rather than an email. However, the same advice applies in any recordable form of communication.

    I also stated that as long as he was not agreeing to buy or sell he would be ok. I was just giving an example of how someone receiving communication similar to this did exactly opposite of what he did, and suffered for it.

    Sorry if you don't find it pertinent to the ops post.
  15. Thanks! I was tripping a bit last night but okay - I just gotta keep my distance and hope he stops talking me about it.
  16. wow, and i thought i was paranoid....guess not.
  17. Rough world we live in, just hope it will be legalized someday and treated like beer. Heaven on earth right there!

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