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legal or not

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fattykid41, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. i was reading a story about about some kids who where in highschool and got drug tested. is it illegal for them to do that to the kids because they are minors or can a school drug test you if they do it random and have no prof that you have smoked any kind of drug. also searched you and found nothing
  2. they did it to some kids at my high school.
  3. i'm pretty sure they can do that if they have reason to believe the kids use drugs
  4. It varies from school to school and state to state.

    But in general, they can piss test as a prerequisite to any activity, if they have suspicion, or are doing it totally randomly among the entire population of the school.
  5. I dunno. You sign over a lot of your rights by stepping foot on school grounds. Pretty soon we will be TSAing children at the school doors.
  6. [quote name='"DrSheldonCooper"']I dunno. You sign over a lot of your rights by stepping foot on school grounds. Pretty soon we will be TSAing children at the school doors.[/quote]

    There are already plenty of schools with metal detectors. A lot of schools in inner-city areas require that students use clear plastic backpacks and bags.

    I went to a private school and we got tested every year, but I'm not sure about public schools.

  7. Exactly, how much longer til we need to give down pat downs to suspicious students.
  8. they cant test you without your parents permission im pretty sure
    but they do have the right to search you but they have to ask you first and if you say no they can call a cop to do it for them
  9. i went through that shit and searches without my parents consent when i was in school if i remember right its something to do with when you're on their campus you're their responsibility. lol
  10. Well, you are attending their school, they can drug test you if they want. If they think you have been violating the code of conduct which you have agreed to, they have every right to.

    Not saying I think they should, because I think it would suck; but people here need to understand that they are not the authority.
  11. This is complete bullshit.

    Power and responsibility needs to be taken AWAY from schools, and back to the parents. I feel like bad parenting is the cause of many children's problems...not video games, not movies or tv, not any of this stupid bullshit that people spew out.

    Kids used to be exposed to much much worse than what today's sheltered youth sees, and it seems they had half the problems of today's generation.
  12. those are two conflicting points

  13. Not really.

    He's saying two things should be fixed:

    Schools should have less power/control, parents should have more.

    Parents aren't doing as good of a job at raising their children, and choose to "shelter" their children.

    Basically, parents are slacking off, and schools are inheriting more parental rights/responsibilities than they should be. Parents should take more control, and do a better job. Just because parents aren't doing well doesn't mean their responsibilities should begin to fall on schools.

  14. Damn, that must have sucked. Did they do it at the end of every year or just random times?

  15. Thanks for clearing that up! That's exactly what I was writing...dunno how that dude thought those were conflicting?

    But yeah, what I was saying is that parenting should be left up to the parents, not the school. Schools are there to learn and develop social skills. Nothing else is required of the school IMO.
  16. I had never, ever, ever heard of a public school drug testing kids.. for any reason.. until I came here. Even asking friends that moved here from out of state said they had never heard of getting drug tested in high school.
  17. if it was a private high school, they can do whatever the fuck they want. my friends went to a private high school and they got random drug tests and even had dogs come into the classrooms every once in a while.

    if it was a public school, i'm not so sure if that's legal

  18. And that's why it's so crazy!!!

    I got drug tested in high school, but I went to an alternative school for drug-addicted kids. No, I don't believe I'm an addict, but you guys know the whole story about sending kids to treatment at way too young of age.

    It was pretty awesome though. I actually learned a lot more there than I did at regular high school.

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