LEGAL NOW! Need help on problem!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by smoktoutsmc, Sep 10, 2002.

  1. Just got legal here in CO., well, state legal anyway - not federal, and i'm trying to grow indoors in my small one bedroom apt.


    I got 12 plants started all the way to 4" each, then they ALL began dying for no apparent reason! The only info. I can offer for help is that I know many things about growing indoors and out, but I can't think of why they went limp and died so suddenly.


    Used 75w grow light
    Watered once every 2-3 days
    Transplanted once - most took off fine until problem
    Used Miracle Grow products w/African Violet/soil mixture
    Temp. was always between 65 and 72 degrees
    12 on and 12 off lighting procedure
    Used filtered water
    Didn't burn the plants w/too much nutrients/vitamins
    No spider mites or other pests present

    Any ideas would be welcome, especially from successful indoor growers! Thanks for your time!

    Shawn M. Collier
  2. Sounds to me as if the problem was your 12/12 lighting. Small plants like yours would do better on constant lighting up till they are ready for flowering { 12-18 inches}. Also, they may have been a bit young for feeding ferts.
    Better luck next time!

  3. I agree, what he said
    Try again, good luck.
  4. if they died over a long period of time,, it couid just be that you didnt have enough lighting(Ive had my share of plants die on me myself)
  5. I think you need more light.

    What you might have had is dampening off. If they all get weak and folc over at the base where the stem goes into the ground. This is common with dirt and young plants.

    Your system is different but may be a clue.

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