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    Germinated 4 SinMint beans along with 2 feminized grape gum beans from ripper seeds on the 8th and both grape gum already popped as well as 1 of the sin mint.
    Ive kept grapegum by ripper in my rotation for two years now and a 2 day germ is my alltime record. I germ in damp paper towels with complete darkness...
    My set up is pretty basic;

    Two tents, ones my veg tent 2.5ft x 2.5ft x 6ft and the other is my flower tent. 3ft x 4 ftx 5ft

    ALWAYS use my oceanfront fox farm soil as well as there nutes. Now I dont use nutes unless its to correct plant issues which is rare in my case.

    150watt ho florecent 24/7 from popped bean through the first 3 weeks of growth then they go under the 600 watt mh 24/7 till I replace with my 600 hps light.
    Flower tent has a 3 ft florecent 54watt in each corner as well.

    Ill be using scrog method with my ladies again, tried it last time and loved the outcome... I plan to veg this time for about 6 to 8 weeks which is about the time my 6 sqft scrog screen is a little more then 3/4 WAY FULL.
    no pics yet because theres nothing to see... will up date weekly until some greenage starts to appear.

    I know I missed a few things guys but I have all my ends covered and will add things im not remebering as we go. If you wanna follow cool if not cool, just thought id throw these two uncommon strains out there seems how not alot of journals on them.
    If you can get some grape gum or sinmint, YOU WONT REGRET IT.. there both grow friendly and pretty mold resistant.. havent had any issues in the past few years.. ok so with that, peace out til next week.

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