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  1. Where on this blue marble we all call home can we go to grow pot and be left alone.
    Where is it perfectly legal.
  2. Chop your leg off, This way you can qualify for medical marijuana. Well hopefully where you are.
  3. International waters?

    But then you got pirates to deal with...

  4. My knees are bad but legs are fine...LOL

    I would qualify for medical Marijuana, but where I am I would become #1 Test case.
    I have FM
    I have Major back disk problems, Major neck Disk problems
    , High Blood presure , 18 year history of cronic pain syndrome AND more then once highly regarded Doctors have advised me to seek ALTERNITIVE metholds of treatment. Some have come out very directly pointing to Marijuana. Ages of these medical professionals range from Early thirties too 65 +
    they all are in agreement.
    I think the whole issue of medical pot falls into big buck politics.
    Police state funding ,where every year more and more is required to fight a battle that is fabricated for the mear purpose of gaining $ security and $ to maintain a decent lifestyle for those that choose to become police and government employee's followed by the drug company developers and Manufactures.
    Both concerns spend 1/3 of their budgets or more advertising the evils self medication.
    I never heard of a pothead popping some old lady on the head for her SS check so he could run out and buy/grow a joint!
    It's a very proven fact that the worse problem related to Marijuana is that it is illegal.

    Joke back in the 60's was : I'd be a full time pothead except
    for the seeds keep getting stuck in the needle!

    which brings me to a concern, I rwad a posting someplace on this site about some guy using a method of seperating codine from the asprin mix.. That is way beyond growing some weed as far as I am concerned and became uncomfortable with it.

    On a daily basis I take 240 mgs of Oxicotin and 90 mgs of morphine for my pain and see no connection between those drugs and a buzz of any sort.

    Why does a person inject drugs into himself to get a buzz???
    I'm sorry but I see this a true illness situation compounded by the need for heroin and coke/crack users to need to POP granny over the head for $.
    Yes if a combanation of providing free drugs and treatment would take care of this problem but I feel the problem is deeply within economical/social issues and the same llegal issues related to pot in some ways.

  5. I don't think so.
    Because the coast guard is allways stopping ships for transporting...maybe the key here is transporting..
    But they take the ships over then tow them into some port locking up the guys on the ships.
    This is in international waters.
    Might makes right!
  6. Whats the basic rulings in the Netherlands?

    What restrictions is any do they place on growing and possession?
  7. Ive Costa Rica is a paradise. And perhaps in a few years Parts of canada would be very appealing. :)

  8. AAAmmmmssttttteeeerrrddddaaaaammmmmmmm

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