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legal limit?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by up in smoke, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. is there a safe number of female plants that can be grown at home with light etc... that is safe as far as not getting busted?
  2. well that depends on where you live doesnt it? in some places its legal ;)
  3. Come to sunny Spain and grow on your roof. Don´t have to spend money on lights.
  4. if im living in bc
  5. I think about the only consideration you can have when it comes to how many plants is: How many plants is too many in the eyes of the law.
    OK we all know that its illegal but diiferent countries (and states) have different scales of offense, in the UK four plants is supposedly the limit before they start to see you as a commercial grower
  6. Check the link to NORML in my sig, they show state-by-state laws.
  7. I saw this crazy msnbc interview last night with marc emery. Looks like US is trying to extradite him for selling seeds in BC. I think this is AWEFUL! US's long arm of the law needs to be stopped by canadian officials and general public. They also drove around and found 4 houses with no one living in them, and nothing but HUGE MJ grow operations in BC. Then people just walk them across the border in huge hockey bags. Im moving to BC.
  8. yeah, i think i saw that special as well. The whole situation is weird. Regardless of what I think about Marc Emery, I would hate to see him extradited to the U.S.

    But that aside, if you live in B.C. then I wouldn't worry too much about the law if you want to grow. I may be wrong though, and I live in California. But from what I understand, even if you were to get caught with a rather large number of plants, the punishment would be minimal. Check out your local laws before you decide.


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