Legal in New York in 2150 ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by kush70, Jul 15, 2018.

  1. the great news is the health department has told cuomo legalization is the wiser choice in the matter
    The bad news is cuomo is the one who has the say so in setup.
    Maybe by the end of the century it’ll be legal in NY lol
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  2. Fuck me I'll be dead by then. I'm in my 20s now.
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  3. NY is broke. They will have to legalize and tax sooner than that. I predict this coming spring, we will get the ball rolling. Unfortunately they will probably screw it all up.
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    The amount of money from taxes in nyc alone is fookn astronomical .
    loads and loadssssss of money cuomo has been missing out on for being an uninformed fool , not to mention job creation

    Lol hopefully sooner.
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  5. I live in a legal state but, like to travel. Being able to buy cannabis legally through out the U.S. is a must. 65% of us want legalized cannabis. And I say we keep shoving that fact in everyone's face until it jumps higher.
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  7. Federal law will be gone by 2020. We have the momentum now and the President doesn't give a fuck!
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  8. 2020 would be awesome , however it seems a bit optimistic
  9. Now's a good time I couldn't agree more. Legalizing cannabis could start a new economic revolution and, cause hemp to be in production at a large scale like never before. The sky is the limit on the amount consumer goods on the market if hemp and, cannabis is involved. It's gonna crush alcohol and, drug sales believe that.
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  10. Don't you think Trump won't use that for re-election?
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  11. Not sold 100% that he can stay in his own lane and direction
  12. Maybe we should worry about current issues like keeping the earth viable for that long:laughing:
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  13. Nah. It’s a distraction from what needs to be focused on. Too many irons in the fire causes problems.
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