LEGAL HIGHS - Hot or Not?

Discussion in 'General' started by giggleweed, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. Recently my connection has been rather unreliable so I've started experimenting with legal highs. Wanted to know if anyone out there partakes in this extra-curricular activity, which is your favourite and how does it compare?!?!

    I've been through a few now - not all of them easy smoking but by far the best so far has been SPICE GOLD! pricey, but almost like the real thing!

  2. Yes spice gold is likley the closest you'll get to the feeling of being high. There are some other good ones out there, but expect mild effects.

    Lettuce opium does not contain any opiates but has similar and milder effects. So I use that pretty often.

    I like to have a bowl or two of lettuce opium extract while I'm getting stoned. It gets rid of anxiety and chills me out very well.
  3. I assume that anybody who registers to post one thread about a single named item to purchase is a spammer, but whatever. Legal highs are kinda pointless, there's a reason they're legal.
  4. Pointless crap. Ive tried a few that have done nothing but make me cough. I havent tried spice or spice gold because the place I used to buy from doesnt send it to the US. Either way, Id rather go a few months without weed than try those again. In fact, thats probably happening right now
  5. Yeah, spice gold is about 90% similiar to good old mj
  6. Most legal highs you find will be a poor mix of Salvia and Lettuce Opium. Save yourself the trouble and just get some salvia and some lettuce opium by itself lol. I've never tried but I heard good things about SpiceGold all the time.

    At $130 for a half ounce, i'd say fuck spice gold right in its ass. Almost, but naw - i'd rather get high for reals. Also how leafy or compact is that stuff? Am I gonna pack a fat bowl and cash it in 2 hits - because thats garbage
  7. Yeah those prices? Gimme some green plz. Yall can take the "legal" shit

  8. Yeah that's what I've found...about as good as you can get without the real stuff. All others are a pretty harsh smoke but sometimes nice to add to a joint, especially when you're running low. I agree with the others, nothing beats the real deal.

    Speaking of which...

    Man, smoke a j and chill the fuck out.
  9. Are you kidding me? I agree, smoke a joint and chill out.
  10. Wow way to be an ass to him. He wasn't spamming he was just saying that he enjoys spice gold.
  11. I don't know why I bother posting in every one of these threads(Oh, and there seems to be a new one EVERY single fucking day). Spice Gold fucking works, it's VERY similar to weed. My weed tolerance is high as FUCK, so while i'm on my tolerance break I smoke spice gold because my weed tolerance continues to be lowered but at the same time i'm still getting high. It's not a bad deal; 45 an eigth isn't bad at all really.
  12. crap crap crap..i tried the hawiaan hybrid had a sweet taste..but thats it...

    salvia is legal..and really really fucks you up for a short time...look it up
  13. The price is what does it. For 45 I can just get an eigth. Theres no insentive to try it basicly. If it was cheaper it would be nice for a tolerance break sort of thing
  14. Yeah, but I mean it all depends on where you live. You live in Cali, so you probably get dank for cheap. If I want dank I have to pay 60 an eigth, so paying 45 for spice gold which actually gets me higher than dank would(because my weed tolerance is so damn high) isn't bad.

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