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Discussion in 'General' started by Bigjoshman, May 29, 2013.

  1. There is good and bad of marijuana being legal Good: not in trouble with the law. More lenient drug tests? Less negative talk. Cheaper? Easier to find your favorite strains Grow your own legally Bad: Some people can't drive high but will anyways ruining it for those who can making stricter policies. The new "stoners" that join in when it's legal would likely piss us off or try to be badass about it lack of risky thrill from smoking. Stoners that were just in it for the taboo feeling might move on to harder drugs.
  2. There are people who can drive fine drunk. If those who can't ruined it for them you would be arrested for driving with any amount in your system. And no one is going to become a "stoner" just because it's legal. If someone wants to be an everyday smoker the law isn't stopping them. 
  3. No one should drive intoxicated, period.
  4. Never seen a thread like this before. 
  5. The law isn't stopping them? It does where I'm from
  6. The new stoners will piss you off?
    People piss me off in general. Most people are stupid. Who cares.
    How can legality and cheapness ever be overridden unless you're a warden of a bank or grower?
  7. Good point unsuspicious I agree with you
  8. No one should drive intoxicated, period.

    </blockquote>I learned how to drive stoned

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  9. ^ HAHA Me too!! i went to every single driver's ed course baked out of my mind.
  10. I live in Colorado and while it's not 100% recreational, it is legal for anyone to posess. I honestly dont see any changes in making it legal.Even before amendment 64, the worst penalty for weed an ounce or less was a $75 fine.
  11. They need to legalize it so that I can just go to the store and pick up a pack of joints for like 15$ rather than making 6 calls, 2 dozen text, and 3 days just to get an 8th that cost me 50$

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