legal flaming thread-because some things need to be flamed

Discussion in 'General' started by ocvan, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. heres some places that could use a good flaming

    above the site is so bias it makes me sick

    the president- although odiously this will have less of an impact

    fox news sucks-racist aholes e-mail them if you want or give a phone flame! 1-888-369-4762

    this is the site that probably brainwashes most parents about mj

    mostly i think im going to link any racist comments on this form to here-so that there are more ppl to be able to flame them appropriately, but go ahead and add any link to anywhere that needs some flaming/ or is just an ok place to blow off some steam at.
  2. ha, i like!:hello:
  3. [SIZE=-1]1-800-759-0700 - 700 Club
    1-323-960-3500 - Scientology, last time i called to ask a question the lady rudely cut me off and referred me back to the website where it says to called the number for any questions...
  4. hahaha, i just sent an "e-mail" to the AboveTheInfluence people..

    wish i wouldve copied and pasted it, but i basically told em that their ads on TV make them look like ignorant jackasses. and that there ARE intelligent individuals like myself that know that their "campaigns" are filled with nothing but lies. :D

    i wonder how many e-mails like that they get a day?

  5. I hope you made it a good one. So many people have posted the e-mails they sent and they were awful. "hay you guys mak potsmokers look dum"

    Then we all facepalm and let the person know they just set us back even more
  6. nah, man. hahaha, dont worry about that. i wouldnt do that to my fellow smokers. i made it short and to-the-point, and even threw in the fact that i was a medical student at SLU..

    like i said, i wish i wouldve copied and pasted it on here. :( ah well, hindsight is 20/20 i guess.
  7. Check to see if you have a 'Sent' folder in your e-mail account
  8. i just wrote a huge essay stating websites that show facts of marijuana and i found out you couldn't use charchters like !@#$%^&*() so i just wasted 20 minutes of life
  9. Do you frequently utilize comic book swearing in your writing? ;)
  10. Oh lmao.

  11. so now they know where to find you ..the swat teams are gearing up as we speak :(
  12. "users will likely experience dry mouth rapid heartbeat, some loss of coordination and a poor sense of balance and slower reaction times" So where are the side effects?
  13. Side effects may include phantom hand syndrome, vivid dreams of self-cannibalization, spontaneous pregnancy, increased risk of vampire attack, migrating genitals, braintooth, hot dog fingers, skeletal xylophoning and restless torso syndrome.
  14. That sounds so awesome.

    I bet I have the perfect consistancy too, not too muscley, not too fatty, just right there in between with a nice marble.

    MMmmmMmmmm, my leg is looking pretty tasty right now.
  15. omg i'm going to run up my phone bill flaming these bitches.
  16. hahaha, im smarter than that. ;) told em i was a MMJ patient attending UCSF.

    so thankfully i wont be hearing any choppers landing on my roof, hahaha. :hello:

    oh, and this is to sky dog: it was literally an e-mail (thats why i put "e-mail" in quotes), it was just the comment thing on the AboveTheInfluence site. tried goin back to the tab i was on to see if i could copy it, but sadly the site doesnt save the text as youre writing it like GC does. :(
  17. Ah, the ignorance of some people.

  18. you laugh now but just wait till you wake up nawing on your arm

    but seriously i was do a project for school and there was a site with effects of mj that were OUT of controll i almost thought it was a joke
  19. you guys think they actually read these e-mails...
  20. im gonna flame on myself,,,,because i can be a real dick,,,,

    '' chicken your a dick''.....i feel better now<----------!!!!:cool:

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