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Legal bud??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hoodtalker_1, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Legal Bud

    Im gunna call a major BULL SHIT, on everything on the site
  2. Personaly i havent tried it but does it not seem a little too convinient that u can buy something that isnt MJ but smells like MJ, taste like MJ and has the same effects? a little too easy or just a money scam.

    Has anyone actualy ordered from this site?

    Im with u Mr. Hood lol seems like crap.


    The Duck.
  3. The ugly ass chick sure doesn't make me wanna smoke that.... it prolly has crabs in it...
  4. lol ya get that haha
    man every thread i see u on u make me larf lol

    The Duck.
  5. thats not weed.....its like garden herbs tied together to look like doesnt get you high
  6. You read my mind. She looks beat up.
  7. Why would they even attempt to sell weed with the help of sex. Unbeleivable.
  8. I agree. The above link for legal bud is a tottall scam. However... A few guys i know order this legal herb called skunk. Now i never belived them. But i smoked it and it was a SERIOUS high. Like i was fucked up. I have no idea what site they get it from or anything but i sware its legit... I've been smoking marujuana daily for seven years and this is my testimony to Skunk brand legal bud. Take it or leave it... I will ask for the web address.
  9. i bet theres some people who actually enjoy the stuff you know as a herbal smoke.

  11. The legal buds website is bullshit but some websites like and are all very reliable and ALL of the blends and buds there will get you high. You just have to prime your brain to accept the chemicals in these smoking blends. Kind of like when you smoke weed for the first time, you might not get high, this is the same thing except it differs greatly with each individual.
  12. Oh God that chick looks beat street... maybe shes been sucking dick for "ultra potent legal herbs."
  13. Pretty sure this is the stuff they order in for actors in hollywood to film them smoking "weed".

    Shit doesn't do anything. But it is herb that you can smoke safely and hits sort of like weed.
  14. She kinda looks like the lady from that movie with mary kate and ashley olsen.

    The evil hot women, or something.

    im so fucking high
  15. im happy im not alone in see how total bs this is

  16. So um... given the list of ingredients here... what kind of high would this be... assuming that you'll obviously get the salvia headache effect...
  17. Sorry to rain on everyone's parade but the brand dreamsmoke actually does work seeing how its made with wild dagga. Wild dagga is a plant that helps relieve stress and promote relaxation. I picked up an ounce of wild dagga for 15 bucks once and after 2 blunts, I had a good couchlock high going on.
  18. funny that you say that cuz actual bud helps me last a lot longer (not sayin i had a problem with that to begin with...just puttin it out there) anyway ive tried some legal herbs from another site. they dont get you high really, its more of a relaxation. SOME actually do fuck you up, but they are the more pricier ones (spice gold and the like). the other cheap ones when you smoke them you can tell you not sober, but you dont really feel high either... i would ONLY recommend legal if you are on probation or somethin and cant smoke bud. thats just my 2 cents
  19. ayy that shit is just a strain of lettuce.
    it just gave me a headache.
  20. wow id like to try this, find out please:p

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