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  1. Yo whats good guys, i got a rather important question that could use sum answering.

    Well last night i was sitting in our towns municipal parking lot simply rolling up a nice fat white owl with two buddies of mine. Too make a long story short what happened was a undercover police car rolled in front of us (we called it out as being a undercover as soon as it rolled by). I stuffed the rolled blunt and the sack of weed (at most a gram) underneath my passenger seat which im seated in.

    The next thing i know however the two policeman surround both side doors. The bigger of the two officers then proceeds to rip the passenger door open where im seated in shine his flashlight between my legs. He sees there is nothing there so he orders me out of the car rather forcefully, yelling throughout the whole ordeal. I then get ordered to the back of the car, the cop reaches under the seat pulls out the bag, and arrests ME.

    I get cuffed, my buddy whose driving admits to a bong that he has in a backpack in the backseat, and he gets written up with a ticket and is given a court date the same as mine. Granted I was the only one actually arrested.

    What I wanna know is how the fuck is this legal? I told them multiple times they weren't allowed to order me out of the car nor search it. Yet all they did was get more aggressive with us. They told us they saw me 'rolling' something, yet they never found the blunt tucked into the seat only the weed and that was the only thing they documented.

    If any of you guys got any legal background or advice I'd love to know if I got a case here. The whole situation was manipulated to an extreme extent and I feel like theres gotta be a way around having to pay these fat-ass fines.
  2. Lawyer son, get a lawyer
  3. fucked in the ass by crooked cops, what can ya do eh..
    get a lawyer son, if everything you said is true, charges should get dropped..
    get a lawyer son.
    get a lawyer son.
    wow lawyer gets weirder the more you type it.. it feels like its not a word lol.. fuck
  4. They aren't allowed to search the car without a warrant, and if they don't have a warrant then they can search the car and call the whole incident on "in plain sight" which means that if they saw you with the weed then they can search, but not if they saw you "rolling" something. For all they know, it can be a cigarette.

    I agree with the above posters and say get a lawyer if the lawyer fees, and you think you can win, are smaller than the crime fees.
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    Are you kidding me? You brought this on yourself.

    Use that brain of your's next time bro, you'll never end up in these situations.

    You need a lawyer, you're not getting out of this unless you get one.

    I don't even know if you can do anything, you were on their property doing illegal activities in plain view. You also had bongs and marijuana was found...

  6. Bro i was sitten their rolling something minding my own business, the thing was spun up by the time they even looked in. There suspicion was based on me rolling, naht the fact that i even had weed on my person.
  7. Dont roll joints in parking lots.
  8. never joints, always blunts ;)
  9. But legit i wanted legal advice not basic knowledge for 'not' getting caught, not that I don't appreciate it. What i really want to know is that 'seeing' someone simply moving there hands in a rolling motion while driving by is enough to open up the passenger side door and order me out of my friends car. I felt it was a little weird that they targeted me and not the driver to be honest.
  10. You should of asked the cops nicely:

  11. White owls are blunts...
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    You were on their property looking suspicious as hell.

    All the legal advice you need is a lawyer. There is no legal advice to be given when you were on their property doing suspicious activity in front of City Hall of your town. Is that where police station is too? Most suburbs out here have their municiple buliding, which is their city hall, and the police station is right next to it or in the same building.

    Is that the same by you? This is not going to favor you at all.

    He's not technically suppose to open the door and do what he did but I don't think you have any say in this because you were on their property.
  13. Nah our municipal parking lot is next to a pizza place and a head shop man its wicked dope. But i wasn't being suspicious in the least my hands were between my legs during nearly the whole process.

  14. helllll yea they are :hello:
  15. Well im no legal expert but i know the police are definately allowed to order you out of a vehicle and you must comply . If you made it clear that you don't consent to any searches, then any of the evidence found won't mean anything in court if they illegally searched the car. Although if they have probable cause (in this case you rolling something with your hands) there search and contraband found is all eligible evidence in court. But its ultimately on your lawyer to convince that judge that the officers probable cause wasn't legitimate. Basically get a lawyer..I recommend you visit so you can better know how to assert your rights and maybe prevent another incident like this.

  16. Lol makes no difference to them. They see a car in a parking lot and more than likely assume they can get some sort of marijuana charge. Why not roll up in a subdivision? Someone's driveway? Or even perhaps in a household where cops can't get you? Damn I thought that was easiest part to not getting caught

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