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Leftovers from making Cannabutter

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by TheElcinator, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. What should I do with my leftover bud after I have strained it from my butter?
  2. A lot of people will say just throw it out.
    It's not got much left in it - though that depends on HOW well you strain it.

    See me, I just pour mine through a kitchen strainer...I usually do it when it's still pretty hot, and not really having equipment handy to deal with that factor, so I press it with a spoon, though I usually say "fuck it" as soon as it starts to heat up too much.
    This leaves a decent amount of butter mixed into it.
    I pull out any stems etc, the rest of what I have in there is pretty finely chopped.

    First I wait for the butter to get done, then scrape off any solids on the underside of it into the plant matter I've taken out. Mix it all together.
    I roll it up like a compound butter, freeze it, and slice it into things like curries and pastas when I just want to have a slight kick or a really relaxing meal.

    But yeah if you strain the hell out of your butter and press your plant matter until there's nothing left, probably won't work as well.
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  3. you could blend it into a mix and add it to something you bake like brownies or muffins... but yeah, like the guy above me said, there isn't going to be much left in it so it'd be more to add that cannabis flavour (some like it, some don't... ymmv)

    though, there won't be much left, there might be some in there that could get you going depending on how effective the extraction process was. maybe mix it into a batch of brownies that is made with some cannabutter as well? waste not want not is what i say.
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    You have a few options; you can run more oil/butter through it, and make a weak 'base batch' of oil, for processing with your next material... if you do this every single time you make butter, combining the remaining potency from the last time, and saving the remaining potency from the current batch for the next, you're still essentially using up the equivalent of the 'entire' batch of herb, in one single batch of oil.
    However, that remaining potency will be exposed to twice the heat, and will contribute more sedative CBN to your oil/butter (which may not be a bad thing, necessarily, and it's better than tossing it out :) ).

    Another option is to run warm or hot grain or drinking alcohol through your 'waste herb', then after straining, you can evaporate the alcohol to reclaim the remaining oil.
    This can pull in a little unpalatable 'green tasting' inert plant matter if you're not quick, but at least you won't be diluting your potency in more oil! It can be combined with the current batch, to complete it.

    Keep in mind the above 'can' be done with water, however you'll get even more chlorophyll, and it will take much, much, much longer to evaporate... you can place it in the fridge or briefly freezer, to separate the butter and water, but if your processing was the least bit incomplete and you did not create a solution, your potency will not have bonded to the oil properly, and some can be lost by 'free-floating' in that water (on a different topic, it's yet another reason the old-fashioned 'water butter' methods are so behind the times).

    Hope this helps. :)
  5. I'm going to try blitz/blend it up like a paste, melt some cooking chocolate over it. Pour the cooking chocolate into moulds and make chocolates. I'll let everyone know if it works. Better hide them in the fridge away from the eyes of random people.
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  6. Recently I tried an oil extraction using the leftovers from the butter extraction, my oil product is not clear, looks more like something out of a swamp, dark and green and viscous. Haven't tested it yet.

    I've used the butter leftovers in a cheese omlete, sorta like you would use spinach, and on cheese fries, and on nachos :p

  7. I just did this and they turned out GREAT! Being a hobbyist cook, I made it up as I went along. First, let me give you an idea of the source material. This idea would probably be better for quantities of an ounce or more. I started with 2 1/2 ozs of Blue Widow top trim and popcorn buds. I used 1 ounce for coconut oil, 1 ounce for honey elixir and half oz fresh for butter, all decarbed. I added the remains from the oil and elixir to the fresh weed for the butter. There is always something left over. If you strain and wash too much, you get all the gunk. After I made the butter, instead of overstraining, I made chocolate log rolls instead. In a double boiler, I melted about a cup of chips, 6 blocks of unsweetened chocolate and a little of the honey elixir I had just made. I figured I should make sure it was worth eating. After it melted, I added some condensed sweetened milk, some of the coconut oil I had just made, some toasted coconut, the plant material, a little vanilla and orange extract and some rice crispies. After I mixed it really well, I rolled them into logs using wax paper to keep my hands fairly clean and then put them in the fridge to harden. I recommend flattening them after rolling because they might look like turds otherwise :rolleyes:. It only takes a small piece to send me to the ozone-again. And they taste kind of like a chocolate fiber bar. I didn't have any nuts, but that would have been a good addition. My philosophy is that if your going to eat something, make it taste as good as possible. :smoke:
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  8. Same thing happens if you eat the plant matter, you're getting all the gunk and then some! :p
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  9. That's why I added other things like the coconut and rice crispies and would have added nuts if I had them. Plus I added my coconut oil and honey elixir to help with the kick. Actually these chocolate logs came out pretty good, like a fiber bar. My remaining plant matter is pretty clean and mostly the gunk is the residue left from un-clarified butter. I use a water method because I don't like the taste left by alcohol and it gets the junk out of the plant and into the water. Since I crock pot it for 12 hours, most of the unwanted stuff is in the water. After straining, I put the liquid in Mason jars with tight lids and turn them upside down to cool then refrigerate until the butter solidifies. Then just open the jar and empty the water. All the residue comes out and you can just scrap off the thin skim layer.

    That's a great idea you gave about doing the wash with alcohol. I've tried and tried to figure out how to get the water wash to work but it was useless. The recovered product is of poor quality and not worth pursuing. I might try the alcohol next time if I have some. I used all I had for my honey elixir. Although these chocolate bars I made are pretty good and have a great head, even if I do say so myself. :smoke:
  10. My dogs like to eat any extraction left overs too
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    I want to know what's left.
    I usually make at least 2 "runs" when infusing coconut oil. The 'second run' oil is just as green as the first, although obviously not as potent in terms of psychotropic effects. But what EXACTLY is left inside an oz of bud after having 2 cups of coconut oil run through it? Any theories? Is it just straight chlorophyll or are there any medicinal values whatsoever?
  12. If you use cannabis for pain issues, you could use your leftovers in a pain cream or even massage oil.
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  13. I made a PVC tube that I use to pack full of coconut oil weed then insert into a caulking gun and extract the piss out of it. 2 cups in, 2 cups out. I bust up the leftover brick and scatter it over my compost.
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  14. I use a hinged potato masher and lose just a little butter to the spent cannabis. I am glad to hear other ideas for using the spent cannabis. The last time I made cannabutter I took the leftover bud, added another stick of butter, cooked a bit, strained, let harden. Unfortunately the resulting butter was very weak and did not get anybody high. Now I know other methods to use this spent cannabis. Thanks, mates. I used to save the puck left after straining through cheesecloth and putting through my masher and when I collected a few added them to my fresh cannabis when making a new batch. Don't know if it helped or not.
  15. .
  16. When I'm through with left over I put In cheese cloth and freeze it until the next time I make spaghetti sauce. I just plop it in and you see all the cannibutter swirl throughout your sauce. Does it kick your butt not necessarily but an other tool to use with your weed experience. That being said if you put a fresh batch of weed into your sauce, cook all day, smells awesome, will kick your butt if enuff is in there.
  17. I have two huge jars in the freezer. One is for filtered bud through alcohol extraction and the other is for any other extraction from honey to coconut oil. I usually don't do anything with them till the jars are full but i put all of them in a dish and extract again in coconut oil:)

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  18. Hey Guys :)
    Just reading the cannabutter pulp left over thread and feel I should try to re infuse the butter and strain again.
    I am using Crown Royal shake. (the actual bud has 21.50% THC)
    my go to is always:
    decarb 2.5oz shake at 250F for 45 min, Let it cool covered and then into the butter machine with 2 lbs of unsalted butter. (Melted of course)
    Previously I tried cheesecloth but I hate how much butter gets wasted in the cheese cloth. I've discovered the best strainer you can use are metal tea infusers as they are micro fine.

    After reading the above thread about the I've decided to save the left over sludge and run it again with a fresh stick of butter when I'm done with all the shake since I use large amounts of the plant. I usually retain 1lb & 3oz of butter after I strain, so I don't think I am straining a lot out.
    Does anyone else use Shake or Trimmings? What ratios are you using? Also has anyone tried adding the decarbed while its still warm into the butter machine?

    My go to recipe for brownies:
    1 box of Pillsbury brownie mix (add the egg and water) and 2.5 oz of the butter.
    1 box makes 24 mini brownie bites. I keep them in the freezer.

    I also keep my butter frozen and cut off what ever amounts i need.
  19. While the buds are still soaked in butter, sculpt a scratch post for your cat out of it. No wait.....glue the buds to a picture wait....I know..... Go to the mall and put them in coat pockets at JCPenny's. Nah. Break them into little bits and spit them through a straw at the American congress. Dis-assemble your stereo and put it on the digital thermometer.

    Or just throw them away.

    Personally, I would dry them out and smoke them.
  20. hahahaha! Thanks GrassCoty...
    I rarely smoke weed. I prefer edibles.
    I will get a friend to try and smoke the sludge and video tape it for you.. should be a good laugh :)

    I'm pretty spoiled when it comes to shake. I only use the leaves and baby buds.
    No twigs or sticks go into the machine

    The sludge is thick like molasses. :)

    When I weigh it out after sifting:
    1 lb & 8.3 oz budder harvested & 9.3 oz of sludge.


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