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  1. I have a question, what type of led lights should I use for a 15x13 room? I don't want to spend over 1300 per light but I also need something strong enough to top all my previous yields. I've never done it this big but the more I read the more I feel better about putting 20-30 plants in the guest room lol... this is also my first led encounter and one of my friends mentioned led strips on the walls and floors .. & idk I need help with a setup. I'll spend the money if the results are backed by an experienced led grower.
  2. I know you asked for a experienced led grower, but since none have said anything yet, i guess i could. I have been vegging a Blue Widow for three weeks under a Homdox 300w led. it is in a 2.5 x 3.5 room. The girl is growing like its going out of style. The light is only 96-99$ so if you want to go inexpensive you can hang a few of them. Mars Hydro is also an inexpensive options in the lower wattage range as well as viparspectra. I was considering both of those, but my budget was tight. I took a bit of a gamble on Homdox, since its a Chinese clone company. But the one I got is doing great.
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  3. Okay thanks I'm going to check their lights out and see how much their higher wattage less are and the reviews on them
  4. Cool that's in my Amazon cart (homdox) right now undecided between that and vipar spectra, I think it's called that. Both 300watts and $100. Either way be a step up from 45watt panel and four cfls. Thanks
  5. AMARE or KIND for quality, Global Star for quantity.
  6. Just threw in my second homdox over my plant. I had planned on adding a second one from day one. Just working on a tight budget here. I think i will do a full review of the light when i finish my grow. If it works all the way throughout the grow, its a killer light for the price. 20160512_160507.jpg
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  7. Good to hear I'll order one soon. As I'll probably only grow one or two at a time one should work for me and I can supplement with the lights I have now. Cool
  8. why you say global star

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  9. Because they're a good light for the price, this was under one 360w(200w actual) Global Star panel. Haven't had any burn out diodes or drivers like people get with the cheap Mars lights.
  10. did it come with switch and you got pictures
  11. Has switches for blue and red as well as dials to adjust the wattage for each.
  12. Is that a fish tank light?
    I am running a little over 1000 true led watts and getting a gram per watt at least most of the time,
    I am a big fan of the mars hydro lights, the new pro series is blinding, my plants are praying like never before, that's a lot of space to fill with light, I think they Ares running some kind of deal with an extended warranty and discount for multiple lights, let us know how it goes

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  13. It has 6 white LEDs, works pretty good.
  14. so you tell me that you are using global start led right?

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  15. Yes
  16. Check out my journal, the plants love this light.
  17. i will

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