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  1. OK so I took some guys advice to look up on LEDs. I'm starting to lean towards LED rather than HPS mainly do to the reduction of heat and lowwer energy usage BC where I live I rent. And LED seems like alot easier to set up and take down with less equipment everywhere. I'm looking at a few, and am wanting one I can run veg. And flower. I will be doing smaller grows for myself. Y'all have any recommendations of LEDs. It's new to me. My budget is around 2 to 3ish possible could do more if needed. I'm under the impression that I should use 3watt LEDs.

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  2. Need a bit more information. This your 1st grow? What's your set up like, space ect. The more information is always the best.
  3. Understand able and I appreciate your willingness to help man..48x24x60 Apollo tent. Yes 1st indoor grow. Right now I'll be doing organic soil grow later imma try to tackle hydro after more research. 4-6 plants. Mostly autos.

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  4. Heya polar. I'm on my first grow indoor too, and except for seedling and early veg, I've been using 2 300w galaxy hydro 7 band leds. My tents a bit bigger than your dimensions but been using them since I've been able 2. Right now I am also sexing my plants since they aren't feminized or bought. But my plants been loving it. ...I also use 3w bulbs and not 5. Under two lights I have 7 plants in 10 gal pots, so you have an idea. I'll be starting a journal this weekend as I'm new to the forums. Stop by for some pics if interested. Godspeed

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  5. That's cool like stated above I seen good things from Mars hydro. With your budget and space I would recommend looking at them Mars-Hydro LED Grow Light Family

    They do offer both veg and bloom modes good pricing. After that I would message smokesara https://forum.grasscity.com/members/smokesara.658786/

    A lot of times they offer discount codes and offer discounts on multi units. But I think for what you are looking for and your price range that be a good spot to start. Happy reading, you will have a lot of new stuff to learn :)
  6. Lol I was looking at the Mars lights, just diddnt know about the quality.
  7. Oh really well good look on ya grow brotha..I'll deff.have a front row seat watching ya grow and I'll check out Galaxy hydro.
  8. They are considered mid grade but from what I read built pretty well. I only seen good things said about thei customer service and they honor their warranties. But remember it, led that's tech so things can break no matter what. I have some LED lights that are considered to be made well, but one has some LED's that burnt out and the other one has an issue with its housing unit. They are about two years old and the warrenty is covering them(not Mars lights). My point is that every led can break.

    But if you get a chance read through there. This is just one option of a few. Your budget is pretty low for led (why Mars is good). If you want to go more top dollar or if you feel dyi you can get a really good cob lighting system going for that price if you have the tools. That will require an investment of time more than any thing.

    But if you want to get out cheap with a decent warrenty and want to get growing I check it Mars a bit.
  9. I'm about to buy a mars 300watt to go with my viparspectra600watt in a 4×4tent! Just seedlings so no real information on how efficient the vipar is but like dude said mars are cheap and alot of people use them
  10. I would say 2 300watts mars would be perfect for coverage of your tent and 2 for 200 is in budget
  11. Platinum p300 is perfect for 2x2 2x3 maybe even (scrogged n trained)
  12. How do you like your viparspectra 600? I have one in a 4ftx4ftx6ft tent and am actually thinking about doing what you're doing- adding a Mars 300 or maybe two of them to the sides for extra red light during flowering

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  13. I am on my 3rd Grow with LED's and really loving it. I am pretty much in the same boat as far as your reasons go, energy and stealth due to renting. 3 Watt Diodes should be fine for the tent you are using. The only benefit of getting a stronger diode is a deeper canopy penetration, but 3w will be absolutely fine. I personally run 8 -Galaxyhydro 300w LED lights (A little overkill really) in a 4x8 tent, only for flower. I originally had 2 - Mars 2 Hydro 1600w LED lights and they ran really hot and just didn't give me the coverage I needed. Most Mars 2 Hydro products are also 5w Diodes. I have also heard good things about the Vipar / ViparSpectra brand, though have not used them for myself. ALSO - If you receive an LED light and you think an LED is burnt out, open the camera on your phone and look at it through that. Some LED fixtures come with an Infared Spectrum (which is good) and the light emitted is extremely difficult to see with the human eye, but your phone camera will pick it up no problem. A little strange I know. The Platinum LED brand is also an incredibly reputable brand but leans toward the costly side.
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