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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Ciarán69, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. Its summer here & the temps are killing me. I have a 100w Migro led & a 200w red CFL.
    Has anyone grown with just a 100w Migro or is it worth my while adding the 200w red cfl maybe in the last 3/4 weeks of flowering?

    Thanks for any & all help
  2. What size is your flower space? 2x2? You can flower that effectively with about 120-150 watts of quality led. 100 watts is a little on the low side and I'm assuming that your 100w is not actual watts.

    Once you get your window vent exhaust built it will reduce your temps.
  3. I think its 97 actual watts. My first grow with both lights gave me 2.5 oz in 11liter pots. But I had to go away unexpectedly & I prob took them 10 days too early. So I was hoping to get a little more in a 19liter pot & a full flower schedule
  4. You can do a good single plant in a 2x2 with 100 watts. If it's a good light you can get up to 5oz's or so with some skill.
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  5. I've seen people get 4oz's from a single qb120 which is 60 watts in a similar sized space.
  6. Appreciate you taking the time!
    The guy who makes the Migro seems 100% genuine. He has great info on YT where he does unbiased reviews of his & others lights.
    Im doing a Biobizz grow in a 19 liter pot. If I got 3oz off her with a 100w I'd be more than happy.
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