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  1. 32" from the light.

    LumiGrow ES330
    Blue 430-480nm - 26.5 µmoles/m2/s
    Red 620-680nm- 169.1 µmoles/m2/s

    Hortiluz Eye MH 400, Lumatek 400 watt Super Lumen
    Blue 430-480nm - 11.2 µmoles/m2/s
    Red 620-680nm - 28.1 µmoles/m2/s

    600-watt HPS, Ballast?
    Blue 430-480nm - 10.8 µmoles/m2/s
    Red 620-680nm - 88.0 µmoles/m2/s
  2. LEDS are FAR superior to HID's, they are the future of growing. The lumen to heat ratio is far better then HID's.

    Thing is, there way to expensive. If you can pull thousands of dollars out your ass to buy enough of them, go ahead and do it. But unless your rich I highly doubt you afford enough LEDS to give off adequate light to a grow room.

    But if where talking about what gives you more bang for your buck, its HID's hands down.
  3. actually led would give you more bang per a buck hids cost way more in the long run
  4. This is how the chart should read (for the folks in the real world)

    LumiGrow ES330
    Harvest weight = 7.5 ounces
    Quality= Small buds, lots of light starved popcorn

    Hortiluz Eye MH 400, Lumatek 400 watt Super Lumen
    Harvest weight = 13 ounces
    Quality= Big dense buds, very little scrap

    600-watt HPS, Ballast?
    Harvest weight = 17.5 ounces (had to sell half to the guy growing with the LED)
    Quality= Big dense buds, very little scrap

    LEDs.. Some day, but not today.
    Don't get suckered.
  5. hids all the way. where im at all the big med growers i know are using 1000w hps. not one of them is replacing them with leds. marketing reps always find a way to show the product is Superior. i have yet too see any good results...
  6. i heard led is better for the veg stage.
  7. From the research I've done, LEDs lack the canopy penetration of HIDs and as the light they produce is very highly directional, you get lots of little spots of light beaming down which is not as efficient as a less directional and deeper penetrating HID.

    Maybe if you want to save on electricity in veg or if you have heat/stealth probs, LEDs could be a good idea. But from what I've read and heard about them they don't rival HPS for flowering yet. Maybe one day, it is still young technology.
  8. exactly they dont rival hps flowering but is Leds better for veg then MH?
  9. explain how you got that from the chart i showed you
  10. The reason, I think, that most people that go from HID to LED see poorer performance is not a lack of light, it's because LEDs don't have the same effect on your VPD. It doesn't matter how much light you put on a plant if it can't get its metabolism past a certain point, the extra light is just wasted.

  11. The chart you posted show numbers that help trick folks into thinking they are making the correct choice buying a LED lamp to grow Marijuana.

    My chart shows the results you will get with each light (no tricks, just real world results.)
  12. would it be better to use leds in veg and Hps in flowering?
  13. Best way would be to buy a digital ballast and switch bulbs. LED works well for veg (watt for watt), but not for that price. Better off just buying a bulb.
  14. Sorry to say. Leds are too expensive and they have low penetration. If U see an led and an HPS side by side of the same wattage the HPS is gonna dominate the room.... I want LEDs to get there so bad But they are way too expensive. Its cheaper to do a 250w MH/HPS setup all u got to do is setup ventilation and the ventilation can serve a dual purpose because u can cap the exhaust of the light with a filter... Do your Homework Go HID.
  15. I dont choose sides I run a 250w HPS a 100W Led and a 100watts of cfl power and The pups love it

  16. This my final plan to compliment my HPS with LED but im going for a small 2 plant micro scrog to see what i can get on a :

    135w UFO (3w diodes)
    77% 630nm(70)+660nm(7)
    10% blue 470nm
    7% orange 615nm
    3% 4500k white
    3% Ir+UVB

    the manufacturer has said i can change these percentages to whatever i want, my question is, is the orange really necessary as i thought the 630nm red would cover that range and would it be beneficial to reduce the amount of red and implement some 'ultra-blue' 430nm and increase the 470nm aswell, for a light i could use through veg and flower? Please help as i need to contact the manufacturer soon to get it at trade price . Ill probably put the journal up on here as it is a purely research project and everyone can benefit from furthering our knowledge of led lights and the right combo of spectrums to use.
  17. orange isnt necrssary blue and white for veg red for flower
  18. I have been growing with the Growpannel45 for a month and a half now and I have been very satisfied with the results... especially for a $150 plug and play light. It doesn't cover a huge area and it dose to penetrate the canopy to well. However, I used the cheaper 14W GP for side lighting and all is well. Truth is that these lights have exceeded my expectation again and again and I hope they continue to do so through the flowering process. The fact that they produce almost no heat (my plants actually touch them sometimes), they are durable (my dog knocked one off the coffee table and it worked fine), no ballest or shield, no fire hazard, mine only pull 28W, the GP45 has a plug in that allows you to run up to 28 lights off one timer or plug-in, you can mount them upside down, on their sides or whatever, they...well, you get the point.

  19. Just to set the record straight yield has more to do then just lights some can pull 7 grams off a plant and some can pull a qp it's about nutes techniques used as in topping lst how long in veg the strain all of this needs to be compared LEDs work cause my buddy uses them and has fire but I can't spend that much loot on them quite yet I got a 240w and 100 UFO on way now ill see what's really good I don't want people to think lights are everything I can get the same if not better results with a 400w as some can a 1000w it's about mastering your strain
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    I personally have used both and prefer LED. LED growing requires more training and an even canopy. HPS you can kind of just hang em there and they do fine.

    You can grow and flower trees with HPS, you cannot with LED.

    HPS is the proven method to work every time, while with LED lights it does matter where you get it, i found that out the hard way.

    Does anybody remember what happened when digital ballasts first came out?

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