LED + UV growing experiment.

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  1. I am setting up a grow room in my house, and i'm going to use 4 red + blue led panels, and a 2 foot UV light. i just planted the seedlings 12 hours ago in seedling soil in those tiny seedling cardboard pots. i planted 50 seeds, to ensure that i have more than enough healthy females. out of the 50 seedlings, only 7 will make it to "production".

    The soil i'm using is miracle grow 4/5 and 1/5 another soil with time releasing nutes and special hydroponic crystals or some crap. i also have the hot shot bug strip, and i have a super veg grow serum. i'm going to PH adjust the water, then add the super veg, then add a bit of hyrogen peroxide, when watering. that way you guys can see for yourselves whether or not LED lights with UV in the mix really works.

    suggestions? i'm a smart guy, but this is my first real grow so you growing veterans can feel free to make suggestions.
  2. Yep, get rid of the MG and "hydroponic crystals". You don't want any time release ferts in your soil. When it comes time to flush you will never get them completely out. Other than that it sounds like a legit experiment. I am curious as to how it works out for ya. GL!
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    i'll add pics after i get the lights in the mail. in a few days that is.

    I got the time releasing nutes and water crystals soil becaus the potting soil i got from miracle gro says feeds for 3 months, and the time releasing one feeds for 6 months. and how long does it take to grow the herb? what do you think?
  4. I'm surprised that no one else has chimed in, people usually get torched for the mere mention of MG around here.

    I used it for my first grow and some plants responded well, others did not. Besides the flushing problem(which is a BIG problem if you don't want your nugs tasting like fertilizer) it really just takes alot of your control away, especially if you are conducting an experiment. You are best served spending $20 on a bag of nice soil. Do you have any grow shops nearby? Fox Farms Ocean Forest is a popular choice and what I use.

    As far as how long the plants take to grow, it depends on what strain you are growing and how long you veg before flowering. What strain do have?
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    I don't even know, here in south Texas i just get what i can, it's some low-mid level weed, i'm 19, but i've only been smoking regularly since i moved out. I wanted to grow weed so i can smoke it and stop buying this street schwag. I'm pretty amatuer, so i want advice from experienced people. I'm a fast learner, MENSA quality.

    I'm no botanist, so i just bought the big ass bags of Miracle Gro. It says Miracle Gro makes plants twice as big. Thats good for weed then no?
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    Where can i get "Good soil" because Miracle Gro is pretty much all LOWES had. I had to order most of my stuff on ebay. I'm kinda busy lately. I'm trying to buy a car, whilst trying to sell a car, while trying to book a roommate thats cool, while trying to make rent, while trying to grow ganja for the first time. I work 45 hours a week, and i gotta do it all before the month is out. I cant wait till i get my stuff in the mail, then i'll take pics and post them here. K?
  7. Sounds like you are adjusting to the adult life. It is hard when you first move out. And it is even harder to throw cannabis production into the mix, when you have so much happening. I like the experiment, and agree it is a bad idea (however guilty in my first grow) to use MG shit. If you want to smoke better than you are buying there, you will have to grow it better, and using "good soil" is a good start to having your harvests taste like a gold bar looks, in comparison to the flushing problems and getting that MG taste to not be there in the final product. If worst comes worse, order FFOF soil online. It will be worth the shipping cost. Just buy from someone who is discreet in thier shipping. hope this helps. :smoking:
  8. hey just do a search for fox farms store locator
  9. Here's the pics i promised! i got 4 led panels and i have a 2 foot UV light tube coming soon. all the plants were started in window sunlight, the little ones in the seedling cups are mostly dying because of previous conditions but enough will make it through to harvest (about 15) out of 50. i expect half to be female and only 7 will make it to harvest.
    (hot shot strip)

    (7 grow buckets with bat guano)



  10. :smoke:I am not trying to harsh your gig, or be rude.
    You need to toss those and get you a fresh start.
    A. you a talking about it being an experiment, and it is not controlled nor does it have a control to gauge it against.
    B. those got mighty leggy in that window and I see maybe 2 that are savable, but you will need to get that big one seperated from the other 2 in that little cup in order for the number of living plants in the future being that high.

    Start some new seeds and get those LEDs almost touching the plants when they sprout. Sorry if you do not like this advice, sometimes the best advice hurts the worst.
    I do you wish the best to you and your grow. I will be watching, regardless if you take my advice in this situation to heart. Peace:smoke:
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    I appreciate the advice, but this is my first grow, i need to run with it and see what i come up with. this setup is temporary because i just got the lamps, i have yet to get the uv light and to suspend the lamps properly, and i also have yet to get reflective mylar as well.

    in the future i'll probably get another 4 panels to make 8, then get a hydroponic system. if they fail i'll restart them, but i'm stubborn, and i will be planting more soon (correctly) so i can have staggering harvests.

    ps it's an experiment to me because all i need to know is if led panels can actually grow plants, i dont need to know the finer points yet because i'm new, and i don't exactly own a lab you know... maybe i should get panda plastic to help get the room sterile...
  12. Cool deal. I am with ya here. WIll be watching.

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