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Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Sanguine, Nov 15, 2014.

  1. Hey guys
    So I'm in the stages of planning my first grow. I want it to be a pc grow, I already have the PC case that I want to use an I would say it is very big for a case, probably about 20 inches tall and considerably wide. 
    I've decided that I want to grow using LED, to save on electricity and suspicions. I'm going to buy some Blue Cheese autoflowering seeds. So now I'm just in a bit of a dilemna as to which LED lighting would be best...so far I have narrowed it down to two;
    [SIZE=11pt]300W, perhaps a bit too much? Also I'm worried this may be too big for a pc grow, thoughts?[/SIZE]
    Which is 135w, meaning only 1 plant would be possible? However I am certain this would actually fit in the case. Although I'm still paying £100, but getting 135w instead of 300? 
    Any input would be great, thanks

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    Guess this side of the forum is pretty quiet huh? Well I would still love some input, but after lots of researching I think I've made my mind up with the first one, because I'm pretty sure it will fit in my case...is it okay if its on the side of the case? instead of above? 
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    Nearly 200 views but no answers?  :confused:  Half of them are probably mine though, refreshing this page... awaiting an answer haha  :cry:
  4. How big is your PC case? The led you can have is space dependent especially as it'll also need to have head space for cooling.

    I started my PC grow with a 75w led UFO type and I'm still using it.
  5. Hi sanguine, yes this part of the forum is sometimes a little bit quiet. If you want more responses you can make a topic about your PC in the micro grow section. 
    I think the 300watt LED is too much for your PC, like Vegi is saying: 75W is enough for a PC grow. Since this is your first grow I would suggest to start small and upgrade when you really need it.
    The 135W led is looking fine, and it must be enough light to grow at least 1 plant under, but 2 plants will also be possible if you want.

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