LED questions/some comparisons

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by cocomoco44, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Alright, I have my grow setup for all CFLs, with a HPS coming in the mail soon..
    i want to add a few LED panels just to see if i can/any growth is added with them. Will probably use LED/CFL/HPS in that order, Just LEDs, if growth looks too little, add cfls, if thats not enough add hps just to make sure yield is maximized but stealth and power consumption are ideal.

    I have a few questions about LEDs..

    What are the statistics that matter? I've looked up many different grow journals and panels and ideally want to spend up 200$ on diff panels.

    I was looking thru the GC lights classifieds and saw a few that were interesting; Any input on them would be greatly appreciated

    Here they are:






    was considering buying anywhere from 1-4

    (above and side mounting)
    any ideas or information would be very greatly appreciated.

    Electricity usage is ideal but i don't want my plants to suffer over it!

    If anyone has any more information to share with me in mounting,usage,advice, etc. please do!

    open to new ideas/other sites to buy panels from

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