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    So I Currently Have On The Way.... 2 Different LEDS. I have a couple questions that hopefully everyone will be able to help me clear up. First off I am growing in a 3x3x5 grow tent. its not a huge one but its always done its job. Currently Have a 400W HPS With A Flat Hood And 2 16 inch fans to keep it cool Ive been having some major heating problems not like in the high 90s but it stays around 82 and i want it about 10 degrees cooler. Its an obvious the LED is gonna reduce that. Thats not my question my question is I have 2 LED lights will these surpass my current 400W HPS which is pushing out 45,000 Lumens. And If Not Surpass them do you think they would be a better option cause itll reduce the heat by a ton. Also heard a rumor that measuring in lumens is not 100% accurate cause lumens is what the human eye sees and plants grow differently on the color spectrum then what we see. was trying to get some insight on All this. Please let me know your thoughts???

    The LEDS coming are:
    Super Helio 6 1200W COB LED pushing out 30,000 Lumens
    6x200W COB LED
    28pcs 660nm
    16pcs 640nm
    8pcs 440nm
    4pcs 460nm
    4pcs 470nm
    2pcs 525nm
    2pcs 730nm

    H160D Helio 600W LED its pushing out only 1592.6 lumens
    Spectrum 380~800nm

    They are both from ebay but have actually pretty decent reviews and have seen some GREAT results on youtube... Any insight???

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  2. I don't see a question that you didn't already answer...

    If the tent isn't cool enough... bump the vent timers
    if that needs more... run another vent
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  3. I installed an led in the same tent you have last night and first thing I noticed was height, you don't have much room to flower if you have to keep lights 2-3 feet above canopy (which I'm a touch closer)

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  4. Thats whats up

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