LED question Mars vs viparspectra

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by x5Marijuana5612, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Looking to get some 300w-600w leds trying to figure out which brand would be the best or what you gus would suggest on buying for LEDS
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    What's your budget? Mars has their lights on sale right now and they also have a discount code for grasscity

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    What size tent/space are you planning on working with? And how many plants? And how much would you roughly like to harvest?

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  4. Just want to start out with 2-3 plants about 2 to 3 feet high and was looking at leds because i heard they give off less heat and use less power and give better looking buds
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  5. A 2x4x6 or a 4x4x6 would be nice... the larger tent would allow for upgrades in the future. However I think you could grow 3-4 nice plants with a couple of these or one and a cheaper model like the reflector. Mars , Led grow light , Mars Hydro code grasscity takes a little more off... idk it doesn't matter what you use just the important thing is to make sure the lights can cover the area you want to grow in. And be close to 35-50W for each SF. Also good to aim for at least 100 Watts a plant.

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  6. is your budget 500 for lights or for everything?
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    Hi x5
    I'm Sara from Mars Hydro, how's your budget? like @MonkeyPickAss said, is the $500 on whole setup or only the light? If you have any questions about our light feel free to contact with me;)
  8. Now we have monthly promotion sales, we will offer special discount for all our lights
  9. What is the additional grasscity discount?
  10. This month all our products have special price, furthermore, GC members can use the discount code ‘marshydro" to get extra 3%.
    Now our Mars II 1600 are on sale, buy one you will save $57, two will save $180
    With the discount code you will save more
  11. I have a viper par 600 and it's an amazing light for the price use it to veg clones you can see pics in my chocolate cream journal mars is suppose to be an awesome light as well and if I didn't use HIDS for flower I'd probably have looked at them

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  12. Alright so i spent time at your site last night. I actually own a mars and didnt realize it. Why is this on sale and not the more expensive ones? Also, i could not tell the difference between this Mars 2 1600, Epistart & Mars Reflector. Can someone explain the difference? Don't they all do the same thing?

    I want to fill up a 8'x 4' space by the way via scrog and as many plants as i feel i need.
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    This is the 1600 unit on sale Mars , Led grow light , Mars Hydro personally I think two of the ones I linked you would work better(unless you were looking at two 1600's) Mars , Led grow light , Mars Hydro a third down the road or a third light in general would do wonders but two of those would start you off and help you spread the light better than one unit.

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  14. You would have to be crazy to spend that much money on blurples.... You could easily build a cob setup for that money.
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  15. Hi degrassi,
    Actually, all our products are on sale now on our website, the time will from August 05 to Sep. 05.
    Now the price of mars pro II 320 is $597.99(U.S. price for your reference)

    The Mars Pro II lights are the best lights among our company for now, we had upgrade the power supply, fans and chips. The Mars Pro II seems like the upgraded reflector lights, both series lights using reflective cup and didn't installed glass, but reflector lights have installed with lens. The Mars II lights have covered the glass.
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  16. Don't all LEDs come in the same blue purple shades? I have not grown in some years & I'm not familiar with cob yet but i keep seeing "cob" written on the site now a days. Ill have to do that research shortly. How much did your cob cost?

    I was not able to understand your reply. What is the difference between the Mars Pro 2 and the Mars 2?
  17. What size tent? And is the $500 the budget for the light?
  18. That's a crazy amount of money to spend on a epistar blurple..
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