Led Panel, Equivelant to 1500w HID

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  1. Just stumbled across this and wanted to know if anybody knew anything about this and know if it has any truth to it. Seems very pricey though. I thought the LED UFO was expensive. haha
    If it is true and works then i'd say its worth the price.

    Check it out here.
  2. If they have enough led's it's possible, but I wouldn't pay that price. Wait until it becomes more common and they'll eventually be cheap.

    You can pay for a lot of electricity, replacement HID bulbs, a cheap air conditioner and etc etc with that much money and be guarteed good results.

    I still question how good those can be with lumens so low and how far light from them can penetrate, especially down through a canopy of leaves. Someone with actual experience using only led and lots of them will have to chime in.

    Also I question how they can say virtually no heat. Led panels I have seen do emit a fair amount of heat and this is freaking huge in comparison to those, so I would have expected equivalent heat to 300w HID bulb which is certainly not trivial, not like you can barely detect the heat or it wouldn't heat up a cabinet fat with no ventilation. Plus the distance they say to put them from the tops suggests 300W of heat or more. If they lie about the heat then they're damn sure lying about it being equal to a 1500 watt HID.

    Might be an option for some though. Will be a viable option for many in the future but I don't think now is that time. I guess it all depends on your circumstances.
  3. the panel has 288 led's (24x12) and they claim the panel is 300w, so lets assume the led's are 1w units given slightly more power (which is no problem if you have active cooling or some kind of heatsink setup)

    and given 1w luxeon leds (not sure which brand this panel uses) are about $6 each (probbably much less per unit for bulk sales) which alone would be $1728

    since the panel costs $1795 that would seem reasonable.


    looking at the product pdf sheet it says it uses 1w High Power BridgeLux? which im not fammilliar with, with 630nm red and 455nm blue.

    the comparison wattage is always over-hyped by manufacturers saying its the same as a 1500w HPS but maybe it's close and considering led's longer bulb life and lower electricity comsumption may only take a few grows to make up the difference.

    the info sheet lists a life span of 50,000 hours which is roughly double that of a HPS bulb, but a 1000w hps bulb is like $50? that thing costs ~$1800


    keeping in mind that LED's do not lose many lumens over the course of their life and you can run they right to the end (where with HID you are advised to change the bulbs early for a variety of reasons)

    but 50,000 hours is almost 6 years running non stop.
  4. just recently chinese scientists designed a single 2 inch led bulb that uses something like 200w and puts out 200,000 lumens of your choice!

    theres also only a few of them in the world and the production cost was millons of dollars.....

    someday maybe 20 years, all grows will use leds. just a matter of time

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