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  1. I know there are countless threads about LED lights.

    I'm going to start my first LED soil grow in my closet. It's 7 feet long, 2 feet wide and 8 feet high.
    I'm going to try to grow 6-8 plants in a 3x2 area (one side of the closet)
    I'm looking at
    Galaxy Hydro 300w 5w

    Does anyone have an opinion on these? And would this be powerful enough to grow 6-8 plants?
    If not please recommend me something.

    The strain(s) I'm growing is
    Afghani Bullrider
    and F2 asclepius
  2. Rule of thumb 100w per plant so. 6-8 plants you need MINIMUM of 600-800 watts

    So you would need 2-3 of those
  3. I figured it would probably come down to me buying at least 2.
    But do they seem like good lights? Or could you recommend me some lights? My lighting budget is about 600 dollars atm.
  4. If you are limited by a budget go with the galaxy otherwise I recommend Amare ss150's
    Or pacific concepts cx300
    Good luck

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  5. I would not know anything about led lights .
  6. 6 to 8 plants in a 3 x 2, yikes!!!!
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  7. With the PC cx300 I can veg and flower with 1 light correct?

    Well I can expand to 7x2 my closet is more long than it is wide.
    I was just hoping I could cluster them under 1 light (if needed)

    btw thank you all for your suggestions/replies
    I'm really new to indoor growing and to LED's so I'm trying to gather as much info as I possibly can by people with experiences.
  8. Mars hydro lights are good , using a mars 2 400w ATM myself , think u can get the 700w for around 270 usd !

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  9. With led ur coverage area isn't a great deal so perhaps 2 of them is better

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  10. I am using the 2 MarsHydro 2 Led 600w (267 true wattage) at the moment and they work great for my 2x4x5.5 grow tent in my closet. With led you can expect about half the number advertised in wattage. When looking at reviews on lights, look up the true wattage per led panel. Your gram to light ratio is for every 1 gram of product to every 1 watt of true wattage will be yielded at the end. I have 534 watts or true wattage from 1200 in Marshydro LEDs. I will yield roughly 534 grams of product.
  11. I would suggest decreasing the number of plants or increasing the space provided for the grow.

    Less plants, more airflow, more health and light dispersion among the plants. In a 3x2 this plants will be fighting each other for room before long.

    In this realm, less can absolutely mean more in terms of plants per space.

    Even squeezing two 300w lights in that space with all those plants would be a waste of the light footprints.

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