Led lights requirements for 2x2

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  1. I built my own led lighting, the link below.


    All Im tryin to figure out how many watts max during veg and flower.

    If I shoot for 40w sqft Im looking at 160w?

    The light goes from 11w up to 260w actual draw at the wall.

    Currently got 1 auto in the 2x2.

    Please give your opinion on how much light I need during veg and flower.


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  2. You should grab a lux meter bro, they cost like ~$30-40 and take the guesswork out of the lighting.
    In veg, they need about 1/2 as much light as when they are peaking in flower; 30-40K lux in veg, 60-80K lux in flower.
  3. Thanks bruh ill look into it. I got a lux app on my phone. Better then guessing I suppose. Was tryin to gauge how many actual watts is needed to at the max for 2x2 footprint. For 1 plant. Dont wanna under do it or bake it ither lol

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  4. you can have as much as you want really - I would suggest a HLG 120- 3500K with a low end Burple board for added spectrum if you are using the same light to veg and bloom ....... (you can pick these up cheap on alibaba and ebay)
    I have 2x3 areas in my rooms and I use 2xHLG65 with 1xR,O,B,W cheap ebay board and I do real good - as for too much wattage - I have seen it proven watts = grams on bloom

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