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  1. Hello all,I have 4 x 240 watt LED (2 grow/2 veg oriented spectrums) lights that I got from HTGSupply in Lansing MI. All lights had at least one bulb burn out within a week. It tended to be a bulb in the middle that looked different then the other spectrums, I suspect it was the bright white, IR, and or UV bulb. 2 of them had an entire half of the bulbs go out (not burned out, but just lost power or something). HTGSupply replaced one with a refurbished unit. This unit also had 1 led out upon start up and it too had half the board out within 1-200 hours (not sure when it went out as I didn't notice until I raised the light a bit as the veggies grew).I think this may be a manufacturing defect or design flaw. Also, HTGSupply made me haggle to get one of the lights replaced (I had receipt and it was within a year) I used to be a loyal and very happy HTGSupply customer, now I feel ripped off. I have a $1000 of junk now that was supposed to outlast HID. Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware).

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  2. what are you saying don't shop at htg supply?
  3. he is saying deal with people who will make it right.

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