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  1. So, I've been researching lights for my new grow, and was wondering whether LED is the way to go?

    Some of the panels on ebay are cheap and claim to emit the exact spectrum that a plant needs to veg and flower. Is this correct or are they just trying to sell them?

    Is it possible to veg and flower 1 plant with 1 panel? Or is it better to use the LED's as a supplement along with CFL's?

    Using LED's only would be awesome because of their low energy usage and low heat output, but does this mean low yields?

    It would be great to hear your thoughts!
  2. Mixed bag some like it tons many also hate them.

    It all comes down to a cost benefit really. Just say there as good as HPS light which is still up in the air. The cheap ones are shit..so you have to move up in price to get a decent one. Well a 400w HPS air cooled tube is 150 bucks. LED that is worth a crap is many times more.

    So LED people argue that low energy equals cost savings. Well I pay 10 cents per KW hour here in Atlanta so if you do the math I would have to run the thing for many many months if not over a year to see any cost savings to make up for it costing more.

    So they say its a heat issue. Well my 6 inch Fans cost 24 bucks each and ducting was I think 20 bucks total. Its a nice 80 degrees in my grow tent. Took me about 2 hours to set it all up. So my HPS costs me say 200 bucks for everything i needed to run it and cool it but a LED that is worth a shit would cost me 300 to 500.

    Its kinda like the Hybrid Car issue. I drive a Civic which costs me about 17k gets about 38 on a good day 32 on a bad day. Civic Hybid gets in the 40s. Sure sounds like a better car ... not. I would have to use thousands of dollars worth of gas for a Hybrid to pay off an have it for years. High MPG cars still out do Hybrids in nearly every case simply because a Hybrid costs so much more.

    Same with the LED situation right now.
  3. safe, cheers for the info dude.

    My only thought is that a HPS would be overkill for just one plant?

    So I'm swaying more towards CFL bulbs. Whats your opinion on these? And How many would I need for just 1 plant? I heard its something like 100W per plant?

    Also on another note, how easy do you find the smell to control? Can you completely eliminate it or is there still a faint odour? How much do you think 1 plant of NL would smell with a medium sized carbon filter?

    appreciate your help bud
  4. CFL is def good. Many a good crops come form it its very cheap to. I think they say 100w per plant 50 after that. There so cheap though dude that you can have tons of them and it not cost a lot.

    On odor 1 plant should be controllable with a Carbon filter. I have a Carbon and some other stuff and have 4 plants in flowering and its been very manageable.

    For my odor control i have a carbon filter in the grow tent then outside of it I use the DIY Ona Bucket that I linked below. On top of that I have a Ona gel block on top of the grow tent. You can never have enough odor control.

    As for completely eliminating it there will be some localized. Just be smart. You will see though.

  5. sweet, cheers for the help bud, appreciate that!

    Hopefully I'll have my setup sorted soon and can start posting up on here how its going!

    That Ona bucket looks sick, good idea, I think I'll have a go at that, worth a try.

    Will be nice to smoke my own stash rather than depending on unreliable paranoid peeps for once!
  6. well, I'm having the same issue about lightning. I'm only growing one NL plant using CFLs on a veg cab. I started working on the flower and I was thinking of using a 600w cool tube hps it cost $240 on ebay. I was thinking of buying led instead but the ones I see on ebay looks like crap that don;t work. I guess Im sticking with HPS and eat ramen for a little bit of time.

    No more dealers, Is time to provide our own stash
    BTW you are welcome to see my grow journal and on day 24 from planting.
  7. In my opinion, the main problem, with LED lighting, is the weak penetration power of it... oh... and the cost of the lights. But for hobby level growers, who have other sources of good weed, such as Cannabis Buyer's Clubs and/or collectives, LED lighting can be fun. For example, a $200, 90watt UFO, LED can be enough for a plant to grow veg and bud, so that one can concentrate more on the hydroponic equipment while still learning. Also, the electricity bill doesn't get too high and there is virtually not any heat imprint. Without proper ventilation setups, heat can get too high and can comprimise plant's roots (high reservoir temps). What I mean is that, for the beginner hydroponic enthusiast, who doesn't have much money, and is still learning the art of hydroponics, LED lighting may be a better solution... and buds can continue to be purchased, until better knowledge of growing is attained. Peace.
  8. It seems to me that we have had this same talk about cfls vs hps.
    As times were we couldn't grow any quality or quantity with cfls but now there are plenty of cfl users that grow with awsome results.
    The leds have come a long way to where they can do just as good as a hps but at a premium cost. There will come a day when leds will become the standard and then plasma, and so on.
    With the resurch that I've done with these little light blinding units, I've been impressed and am ready to take the plunge on a couple of these babies, just not sure witch ones yet.

    If I was just starting up and only wanted to go 1-2 plants I would by a led light.
    Good luck with you choice you should do fine witch ever way you go.
  9. hello everyone,if you need led light,please let me send you price for you reference,that's my pleausre!
  10. Made in China? No thanks.
  11. hehe,still thanks your reply!may i know what's reason let you reject china's products,what happen after you bought something from china?Just for avoid everyone happen same thing with you!:smoke:
  12. Made in China=cheap materials, cheap labor and a bad product.
  13. From what I've seen the '300w led replaces 600w hid' claims are false. They seem to be more on par with fluorescents or somewhere between fluorescent and mh/hps in terms of resin production and yield.
  14. This is a great example. BUY AMERICAN! Only buy LED panels made with Cree LED's. Cree's are made in the USA. And they are a high quality diode manufacturer. I use LightHouse Cree LED panels, and they work out great for me.
  15. yes,cree led is good quality and good price.As the customers budget and requsts,all most manufactures of china make LED light with Cree!40% gross sales of cree came from our country CHINA!
  16. Led are ok , but they are a good price and this can outway other problems they have
  17. LOL Chinese are funny. Just because you call something by the name we do doesn't make it a true cree diode. It's like comparing a toyota to a ford
  18. amy fu,
    Instead of asking everybody on this forum about their LED purchases, why not just come forward with what you have to offer so we can objectively compare the specs? If you have some LED panels w/ cree lights I would love to see how they compare to Advanced and GLH.
  19. LOL. now "her" name is alice fu not amy fu. Can the mods please ban her again for making another account to spam?

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