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    If i have a tent thats 48x24x60 which route do i go for wattage ? I was thinking maybe 2 300 watt marshydros or maybe a single 600 or 800. Not really sure since i want to veg and flower with the leds. First time tent grow this time around. On about a 300 budget with lighting thats why i was leaning with marshydro. I need help deciding wattage and a single or double light in the tent. The seeds im going to try first are dutch passion auto colorado cookies. I have 3 of them. Probably put all 3 in the first go around. I also have 8 ball kush, gold mine kush. My order included 2 free cbd shark and 4 free nl(assuming thats northern lights). Was going to try the goldmine seeds outside but with living on the eastcoast last year my outside grow was terrible once i got my seedlings outside due to alot of rain i live in pa. Any suggestions are greatly apprecaited. Thanks, brady.
  2. i get 3x3x8 tent i run 3 300 watts led on the top and one right side and left side 3 plants i get 1.2 gram to watts
  3. So 2 300 watts wouldnt be enough for a healthy harvest

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