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  1. I dont need help with how many or what size or wattage, I just want to know what company makes an LED that isnt shit, i dont care if it costs me $1000, I want a good one.
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    i like half price!!!

    Wow.. 5w bulbs How much space does that realistically grow?

    Does it penetrate into a canopy?

    Do you have pics of some buds grown with it? or a grow log with it?

    Thanks for the tip, the light looks pretty kick ass!
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    Solarstorm covers a 4x4 area maybe a 5x5 area. I have a 4x4 tent with it in it. It simply wont fit in a small tent so dont recommend it. Weighs like 35lbs or so.

    Deep penetration occurs with 5 watt LEDs? Yes even most of the popcorn buds got welldeveloped. If you read on that link their CEO's interviews why they went with standard 120 degree angle LEDs. Anything else was overkill. Other makers use 3 watt lights with 90 and 60 degree angles to try to focus the light to increase penetration. When you add a lenses to the LED its like a cap over it and you actually lose some light but gain a tighter beam. Solarstorm just blasts it with 5 watt Diodes. Also Solarstorm says its 800w but the pull is 700watts on my killawatt. Thats pretty sweet since the Blackstar 900w actually pulls 500-600 watts. Blackstar 500 pulls around 300 or so. 700 watts of any light is pretty sweet and 700 real watts of 5 watt LED Diodes is sick.

    Heres some pics. Paradise Seeds wappa in a 3 gallon airpot. Paradise Seeds added it to there gallery on there website!. The other is a Afghan Kush in a 1 gallon airpot. Thing got big 27 inches tall by about 24 inches tall.

    Whats cool is George answers just about any email you send him via his website. He has been very helpfull.

    California LightWorks Interview with George Mekhtarian | LED Grow Lights Review



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  4. those look pretty nice, i just emailed him to see if he would ship me one, i just found out they regularly just ship to the USA :/

  5. Ah that sucks. Shipping will cost a bundle. The box is friggin huge. The light itself is over 35lbs and like 20 inches by like 18 or something. Cant recall .
  6. Nice, he said i could join the program and they do ship, but its like 100 bucks for shipping. Now i just need to decide if i want one or not, ill be setting up with a distributor here, so i wana see what his light islike first.

  7. Id get it. 1k for a 5 watt LED set up is a good deal especially for what it pulls. Thats if the cash is handy. Very very few use 5 watt and anything beyond 6 watts dramatically increases the cost of the lamp so 5 watts is about it for a little while.
  8. Thats good to know. But im definitely going to see whats available from my new distributor, just set up with them, and my pricelist and product catalogs are on the way!
  9. Interesting, I wonder how their Solarflare product (40 x 5w) would compare to a Pro-Grow 180 or Blackstar 240w since the latter two use 3w diodes but more of them?

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