led lighting and ventalation for my tent

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  1. Okay gc so right now i have two girls going strong right now . Im in the process of getting a tent , ill post pics in the next thread of which one im getting, after that is chosen id like some insite and advice on ventalating my tent( fan size / cfm ) etc .

    My next issue is im also thinking about adding an led light into the mix with my 600w hps/mh. Will combining them screw anything up with my plants?

    If anyone knows a place were i can get a cheap or discounted led light , feel free to leave a post. I know there are lots of led diy,s out there . So if anyone has info also on possibly making my own led light rather than buying one, if its cheaper i may take that route.

    Any info or advice greatly appreciated!





  2. Heres a pic of the tent and the fan im thinking about getting
    Thw twnt is 59" 59" 80" i believe and the fan is a 449 cfm fan

    Any info or advice appreciated thanks
  3. To see a pic of thw tent and fan check my other thread on grow/ setup ( perpetual grow)

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