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  1. So I've been reading through a few grows on here that have been utilizing (or atleast partially utilizing) LEDs (light emitting diodes) as a light source for growing herb. I've been very interested in the use of LEDs for growing marijuana ever since I first heard about it. The main problem I see with LEDs right now is the lack of definitive information and the fact that they're kind of a next-generation of lighting, so people seem to be resistant to making the switch.

    I'm making this thread in hopes of gathering all the great information availible on this "mysterious" lighting source. Unfortunatly I'm no genius and my knowledge in regaurds to LEDs is very limited, so hopefully at some point someone will come in here and be able to provide some accurate and difinitive answers about LEDs.

    Here are some benefits of LEDs:
    1) Extremely low power consumption
    2) Bulbs have a super long life if properly setup
    3) Very low heat production
    4) LEDs emit a very specific color spectrum (could be considered good or bad)
    5) Your grow area looks like a disco/rave :hello:
    6) If done properly, an LED setup can cost much less than a standard lighting system (could be wrong on this one)

    One thing that confuses me about LEDs is that when looking at specs online, the light measurement appears in mcd and not nm. Does anyone know how to convert mcd to nm?

    Where can I get quality LEDs?

    How can I build an LED array/setup?

    What spectrum of light does marijuana need, and in what doses?

    How can I find UV-B LEDs in the correct color/light spectrum?

    I appologize if some of my wording/use of terms are incorrect. I'm trying my best to learn this stuff but it's taking me a while. The questions posed at the end of my post are just questions that have come up for me while researching LEDs.
  2. From what I've seen with LEDs, you don't have a kelvin spectrum with them. They use a Red LED Array for vegging and a Blue LED Array for flowering. Some people have also used a mixed array with a 2:1 Red to Blue ratio for Vegging and a 2:1 Blue to Red ratio for Flowering.
  3. Sorry, that was me mixing up terms. I meant to put nm, not K.
  4. led grow lights are getting better everyday
    more available
    when i come back in from the woods im going to build a high end led veg room and a mix of led x hps for flowering...my energy cost should be minimal
  5. Yea, at the moment it looks like doing a combination is the best way to go since I've yet to see someone perfect flowering with LEDs.

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