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LED for 27x27x63 tent

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by rickster74, Nov 22, 2019.

  1. So right now, I have two auto plants (fastbuds gsc and pineapple express) in 5 gal smart pots (FFOF) in my 27x27x63 Marsh hydro tent. I have a single 130W LED light 130w REDSPEC DEEP-RED Dimmable Niemi LED Grow Light Powered With Samsung LM301B & OSRAM 660NM Diodes - Niemi LED

    Is this going to be enough light for this tent when flower time comes? The two plants are doing well at 3 weeks, but I wonder if a double board setup would give better yields in flower or if that will be too much. Any lighting gurus want to weigh in? Since I have such a small space available, I want to try and get the best yield possible.

  2. Your light is enough for your tent size......but your tent size might be too small for two plants.
  3. I have the same size tent and I run a qb288 v2 dimmed to 150ish watts and 4 corner mounted cobs dimmed to 30ish each. My total 270watts and that is the most that I can put in the my 5.25 square foot tent and still managed the temperatures.
  4. As always, agree with Mick Foster. I have tried to grow 2 in my tent and it's just too small for photos. Maybe if your Autos are not large.
  5. Thank you for the input. This is my very first attempt at this, so I am learning as I grow. We'll see how these two go and yes, I may end up just doing one plant next time. I just topped and started LST and the two girls are responding well, but I'll probably not get too aggressive with the training since I am inexperienced. The girls are 22 and 18 days old and growing like..well, weeds. I wish I had more space for a bigger tent, but we just downsized to a smaller house and things are pretty cramped.

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