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LED distance from plants?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by cgb6810s, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. Im using 3 blackstar 240w LEDs in my 4x8 grow tent.

    My question is, what is the proper distance the LEDs should be placed from the top of the plants? Right now they are 6-8" but I wonder if that is a bit too close. Heat with these is not an issue. The plants aren't stretching at all. If I had them a bit higher the light would be broadcast a bit more. As they grow that may be good?

    Thanks guys!
  2. Hey Mang! I too have a Blackstar! a 2w Chipset 180 watt from gotham hydro and a 56watt panel with some cfls. in my LMFAO 3 by 2 by 6. I got a sick ass dark netting in front of my entrance to keep flies n cats out. But To answer your question. I believe a 8" to 12" is copacetic. Ive "heard from a couple folx" that the intense light may actually "sunbleach" your buds and leaves if its too close but I have also seen colas bending onto the panels they were so big n close or whichever it was, but now i think of it he had lower watt panels all the fuck around the babies so keep searchin yo. Welcome mang you gotta check out this LED Growers group im in! Check it ooot mang. http://forum.grasscity.com/groups/growing-led.html
  3. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I do not know much about LEDs. I would imagine that the closer you got the light to the plant without burning, the better.
  4. Thanks for the replies.

    Yeah I think the closer the better too as long as you don't get any burn. I've read the LEDs have better penetration. I know the lower branches are really spreading out, there doesn't seem to be any stretching. Im running them 24 during veg and will turn them back to 12/12 soon.
  5. i have my 90 watt ufo 6 inches above my seedlings and they are perfect,
  6. I have a 180w LED from ProSource. I have found 12" to be optimal for my plants. I'm really interested in picking up one of those Blackstars.

  7. You're running the lights 24/0 during veg? That's not a good idea bro. Think about the plants out in the wild; there is no way they receive 24 hours of light and they thrive outside ( given the proper conditions). Try running 18/6 because a lot of the plant's growth occurs while it's " sleeping".
  8. I am new to led as well...i have a couple apollo 10's on the way...if they work well and anyone is interested i have a source that we can get them for very short $$....I read an article and will try to leave the link, that says you can actually stunt the plant by putting the light too close, and of course too high and they will stretch. It gives a guide line as to proper distance by how many watts the light is..IDK if it is correct, as i said i am new, but figured sharing is caring? ;)....Please reply with your thoughts peeps...i need all the help i can get!!!
  9. Evidence right here, I pulled "NOOB-FUK-UP#976", and will back Antones' "sunbleaching" aspect of "when too close with LED". Out of the 36 top colas on my one plant that got it, several received a big dose of sunbleaching. It looked alien and I had a hell of a time finding any info on it(I obviously wasn't part of GC yet, super-noob status). But who else is going to risk sampling something as BIZARRE as this? Super Dave Osbourne....wasn't available. So you guessed it, I hit that shit ;) It still had flavor, got me lit, so I smoked ALL that shit! But w/this knowledge I'm moving my biggest girl that just so happens to be directly under my Pro-650, outwards to the edge of the immediate footprint. I'm sure besides the sunbleaching I gave my girl, she also was stunted and didn't swell nowhere near her fullest potential. But w/o hand-on mistakes, how much would we really learn. Stoked I came across this thread to solve a couple questions for me w/o asking. Love GC!!! Smokin' and celebrating this higher knowledge ;)
  10. Wrong, w/the utmost polite tone....Check out Antones' sunbleaching comment. It's legit. I made the mistake of being far too close to the canopy of my girls and lost weight and COLOR, lmao...But never again!
  11. Granted my LED light is no entry-level 90watt ufo. It's an industrial grow light. Pro-650 by Lumigrow. This may open many people eyes as soon as they research, but you better double-strap-up...on the shades :)
  12. I don't know about that article. Keeping a 240w LED 24-30" from the canopy just seems a bit much. I've always kept my 240w blackstar 12-14" above the canopy. Never had bleaching issues. However, I did notice that keeping my LED that close makes the buds extra hairy, no matter what strain. Next LED grow I will keep the LED light 18-20" above the canopy and see how that works out.
  13. I have 2 apollo 10's in a 3 x 4 tent....they get too hot!!....i read that heat will cause buds to delay, stretch, and be thin and airy....not able to get below 82 degrees. going for a portable a/c unit. Tried extra venting but it just doesnt help. They had preflowers when i put them in 2 weeks ago...now i cant even find a preflower!...taking forever to start budding. IDK, it just seems harder than i remember. Granted i grew in a New england basement so it was always cool...getting all these thin shoots off the side branches....very discouraged :/
  14. I've been vegging for 2 weeks under a Mars II 140x5w @ 30" and my plants seem to love it. I just didn't see a need as they are doing so well.
  15. I've had my little group of girls vegging for two weeks under a 300 watt Kind LED 1300.  I've had the light steady at about 12" from the top of the plants running 18/6.  I'm growing in a "SuperStar LED" model "SuperCloset" stealth grow closet.  (www.supercloset.com) It's a fully automated, self-contained hydroponic grow system.  Kinda pricey, but I'm too lazy to build my own and I liked the fact that this unit comes with "Lifetime Grow Support" which is surprisingly good and easy to access.  So far, I'm really enjoying it and it's worked really, really well.  
    ATM I have 14 little plants varying in size from 3" to 6" - they're all in groups of 2 and 3 plants of different strains.  I germinated from a variety of feminized seeds I purchased online. (Herbies Seeds)  I planted a variety of strains hoping to get an early idea which strains were going to flourish under the conditions and nute schedule that Supercloset provided with the box.  I'm literally just following their directions and so far it seems to be working.
    I'll post some pics later.
    Oh, yeah, first post, greetings.   :smoking:
  16. hay I have a mars2 900w = 400w draw out the wall in a 2x2 tent so how far do I need to hang the panel for optimal growth?

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  17. Can anyone tell me if I have a problem? See attached picture. Within the last 2 days the purple and yellow has just sort of shown up. Is this some kind of burn or deficiency? Strain is skunk 47. Thanks for any advice!

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  18. How far away should I keep my Mars II 700 from plants just got in today? Please let me know
  19. You can put them as close as you want man. I've grown with LEDs for almost 4 yrs and have tried every distance. More intense the closer u are

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  20. They look like they're getting close to done, are you flushing yet? That would cause the yellowing. As for the purple, that's completely normal. I wouldn't worry about the yellow if they're really close to done, its probably just pulling nitrogen from the leaves to finish

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