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    This round of growing is my first using QBs, I'm vegging under four 120s, with a 20/4 light schedule, in no till soil, and a SIP watering system.

    The plant in question is an unknown strain which was a freebie from TSSC. This plant grew much faster than I expected and due to only getting to my room once a week got very close to the QB above it. It has new growth that the leaves grew stunted, they look normal from the stem to about 1/2 way out, then stopped growing. If you zoom in on the pic, you can see some of the new growth has what I'm describing.

    Was this because of the light, or do you think it's just a mutated plant?

    TSSC Freebie 6 8 2019 Circled.jpg
  2. What size containers is it in?

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  3. I think it's nutrient related. It's really low on something or the pH is off causing the mutated growth.
  4. 3 gallon fabric pot
  5. I use well water with a ph of 7. It's no till soil. Not that this means anything, but none of the other plants are showing this and they are all but one using the same soil and watering setup.

    Should I rule out my guess that it was too close to the light source?
  6. cant zoom in on the larger picture but leaves look like you pinched the tops out and in doing so took the ends of the new leaves that were just starting to grow ,thats why the ends of the leaves look like that ,plus some of the leaves are canoeing down ward and are dark green looking like a bit of Nitrogen toxicity ,,mac,,
  7. I've vegged with those lights for years. You can get as close as 4-6" from them with mature plants and some of the more reachy branches. They're the least likely to burn your plants out of all the qb boards.

    I've also had that same deformed leaf type growth before and it wasn't when my plants were too close to the light. I think it's a nutrient uptake issue. Could be all kinds of things but I don't think it's the lights.

    If you think about what putting the lights too close usually does you would have what looks like heat stress on the top with leaves curled up on the outside edges and starting to lose green. It doesn't seem to look like that.
  8. I just checked my notes, you are right I did pinch it a couple of weeks back. I completely forgot I did it. It's a good thing I keep records of my grows.
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  9. I'd be giving it about 18" or so distance in veg about that age.
  10. i thought thats what it might be ive done similar myself easy done when new leaves are coming through ..mac.
  11. It was probably about 5" from the light, I'm not used to them growing so fast. I'm loving the QBs so far! Thanks for the information. I had to move it to the flower tent as I'm running out of room. I had 6 plants in the room vegging, 2 of them are Autos.
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  12. Thank you Mac.
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  13. dont forget Autos like at least 20 hours of light all through its life ,,,mac,,
  14. They are still on a 20/4 schedule, I only moved two of the plants into flower to leave room for the autos.
  15. sounds like ya gotta plan,,,,,reckon you should be ok with the grow ,,always good to have a good plan ,,,,,mac,

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