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Leaving thing outside for the winter bad?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smokytitty, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. I have an outdoor hiding spot for some of my weed items that are too big or smelly to keep inside and I was wondering if the cold of the Massachusetts winter would be bad for them in some way?

    Outside I have a:

    -21" glass bong, 5 mm thick, 2 stacked 6 tree perks, with ice catch
    -5" by 5" by 3" tall wooden pollen box with glass top and bottom + magnets

    and also soon I have a 20" glass bong, 5mm thick, 6 tree perk, ice, + splash guard... this one will be coming with a bong bag which i will keep it in outside.

    Oh also I keep some bud out there too, I assume that's fine.

    I am selling the 21" so that should be gone at some point this winter.

    Any responses will be appreciated, thanks! - Smokytitty
  2. Smoky titty. hmm what an interesting name...are you a women or man? lol. If your a dude then your name stumps me as to why you chose smokytity lol lol.


    to answer your question.

    If the spot is outside and in the open then you should bring your things somewhere else.

    If the spot is in a place such as a garage(indoors yet not insulated) then i think you will be ok.
  3. I'm a guy, the name's an inside joke haha

    well its not in the open, it is quite well hidden, but it is exposed to the temperature...
    I forgot to mention all of these things are wrapped in saran wrap and trash bags to protect from the weather, just not the temperature.

    Also, if you dont mind, could you explain why you think I should bring them inside?
  4. Just be careful when handling, it's going to be in the single digits tonight and that can make things wicked brittle
  5. The cold could possibly make it more fragile. If it gets bumped by an animal its done for.

    Also, animals bugs bacteria may possibly intrude internally.

    Just check out my cleaning method for all your glass stuff, keep that inside it will be smell less.

    As for the grinder and herbs that should be fine. I would just store it in an amber or black tinted mason jar. Will preserve from air and element destruction and sun light
  6. You will be fine, I always used to store my stuff in an uninsulated attic, and we get very cold winters where im from.
  7. Please PM me your address
  8. Yeah, just be careful not to hit it on something. Depending how cold it is, the glass will probably be brittle
  9. Depending on how close to the road you live, I guess I would wonder if the salt from the roads or your driveway might do on everything, as it melts and sits on the glass. Might cloud up the glass. Maybe I'm just overthinking it
  10. When you say the cold makes it more fragile, is that temporary? (as long as it is still cold) or would it do any permanent damage?
  11. I'm in Mass too (goddamn it's cold as fuck) and I leave my bong outside, sometimes with water in it. I know it aint good for it, but it's so nice hittin a frosty ass bong haha.
  12. I heard if Smokytitty held a hit for too long it starts to seep out of his nipples :bolt:
  13. mmm imma take a hit off some smoky nips

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