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  1. So I have to be gone for two weeks and Im goin to have my mother take care of my plants. I've got 18 in veg and 1 about 3 weeks away from harvest.
    Here's what I've told her so far, can anyone think of anything else to add to the check list for my mother? haha

    1. Water every 2-3 days, when soil is dry to 1/2 inch

    2. Turn Pots 1/4 turn everyday

    3. Put Big Bud (flowering plant) in the closet at 6pm and retrieve at 6am everyday

    4. The lights and fans are on a timer so thats set.

    5. Keep eyes out for pests/bugs...dont let the dogs into grow room...

    anything i could be forgetting??
  2. tell her not to smoke that shit while you are gone!
  3. Ditto on what skyler said lol :)
  4. make sure she doesn't let any light to the flowering plant
  5. thank her for being such a cool mom? lol
  6. Nice mom!

    What about dumping runoff water?

    What about feeding/nutes?

    What about a plan if any plants grow too tall and are threatening to grow into the light?

    I assume hefting that flowering plant back and forth isn't going to be a problem for your mom?

    And you may want to give her a general notice to let you know if anything starts to look like it's going wrong -- plants wilting, burnt leaf tips, discolorations, bugs on the soil, etc.
  7. click me + scroll half way down
    we both have great mums :hello:

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