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  1. Hey everyone. So out of the three plants my friend and I have, mine turned out to be a male. It got pretty big, so I picked off all of the leaves. I was just wondering if there was anything constructive I can do with the leaves. I know smoking them is not an option, so what else can I do with them? Thanks!
  2. i moved this to general growing......from rec maj.........Peace out......Sid
  3. y cant u smoke them? i wud. ok u need to smoke a bit more leaf than bud to get stoned but it will get u stoned.

    wot i do to make it a nicer smoke is take the leaves and soak them im water over night till the water turns green. thats the chlorifill <-(dunno how u spell that) coming out, that makes it a much smoother smoke so u can smoke a lot more of it. then i just dry the leaves out slowly, only takes a coupple of days with leaves cus they so thin compaired to bud. then i smoke them when im waiting for my buds to dry.
  4. i like to frame them and give them out as presants, you pick a leaf and select your frame a 5by7 works great,put your leaf on the backing then spray it with hair spray and it will keep forever. peace
  5. i do that too! except i just keep mine for decoration ^_^

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