Leaves warping, Yellowed tips, Drooping Bottom leaves. Help please!

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    Symptoms: Weird warping of leaves, yellowing of tips, severe drooping in late stages.

    What's that super weird warping on the far left side of picture 3! Lots of my leaves are doing weird shit like that, but look otherwise healthy.

    Specs and a blurb: I just got 3 pretty large Casey Jones clones from a LA club (this is a medical grow, and my first). They have been in the soil in my 5x5x5 grow room for about 6.5 hours. I have a 400w MH bulb going about 2 feet from the tops of these plants. I've only watered them once since they were in my possesion, with 3/4 Grow big nutes. I used the whole spray bottle to water the three clones, each in it's own 4 gallon pot. This is my first grow and I'm not sure if I'm underwatering / overwatering them. Can't seem to find a rule / conversion function in any of the forums. Am i over / underwatering or overnuting?They were exibiting these symptoms when I grabbed them, but am i exaserbating the problem? How can I fix it? Any suggestions? I have combed the 'plant abuse' forums and can't seem to match up the pictures. Attached are a couple shots of leaves in various stages of this mysterious ailment.

    Not sure on NPK ratio for ghetto Home depot organic soil, its called kellogs. Plan on switching to FF soil within 3 days, but this problem predates my owning the plants anyway. I have no idea the conditions / lighting, etc. that they were kept in at the club, but i am set on growing casey jones so here we are despite sick plants.

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    whats up pH at? there fairly small... clones right? its good ur not feeding with a good amended soil u dont have to feed for like 3 months or even up to a couple years... but over 5 months u really have to understand soil, but u can get away with a light feeding.
    so ur not over feeding, they look over watered, and since ur spraying them down with fresh water, ur leeching the nutrients, in others words ur flushing them. they look to be slightly deficient in nitrogen and magnesium. common while in veg.
    if u do spray them put like 1/4 strength food with magnesium (epsom salt is mg) in it, what kinda water are u using, tap, ro, or distilled? do u know ur tds/ ppm?
    the soil ur using looks like its mostly compost, it would be good if u mixed some coco core and alot of perlite...
    but it does look good keep it up... god luck
  3. They are clones. I have put some perlite in the soil, should i put more? I dont have a ppm meter, as this is super low budget. I have been using water i put through my brita filter, so i assume its pretty close to PH neutral. Only watered once since i've had them with 3/4 str FF GrowBig nutes - If i continue to use 3/4 str every other watering, will it fix the problem? Or is it more the soil that's causing issues
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    How big was the root system whn you picked the clones up? They may not need all that fertilizer depending on that. How is the humidity level? Cuttings like high humididty. It might just be a lil transplant shock, they dont look to bad. If certain leaves suffering from chlorosis (yellowing) I would Cut them off (only if its one or two) because those leaves are still taking energy/nutrients from the plant but not doing much good for photosynthesis. As for the droopiness that could be nutrient deficiency (mainly micro nutes i would say) or they could have been watered way to much as cuttings and the roots are damaged. lol i dunno, so many variables. Hope it works out for you
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    Thank you very much. I think I know what part of the problem is - 2 of the clones came in the same green rockwool like shit - i had to cut the rockwool down the middle to seperate the two, surely cutting large amounts of roots as well. I don't have a humidifier or CO2 generator yet, though I plan on getting both today or tomorrow. It's definately not an over/under watering issue though? I'm pretty nervous about my watering schedule (because i don't really have one). I haven't been able to find a definitive function for watering other than the finger test and the top six layers of soil. There is certainly wetness below the surface of the 4 gallon pots, but i wouldn't characterize it as moist or even damp; the soil just kidna sticks to my hand a bit.

    Thanks much for suggestions - My course of action is gonna be as follows - I'm gonna water every other day with nutes, I plan on switching to FF organic soil and placing a humidifier in the room. Is there any supplement specifically for repairing damaged / cut roots?

    Any suggestions for the tiny brown tips on most of the leaves? These are particularly evident in pics 2 and 3. Also what about the bizzarre twisting / warping of otherwise seemingly healthy leaves (Left side of picture 3)

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