leaves twisting and fliping help.

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  1. whats up everyone. i was hoping to get a little help. my grow is going good so far but my ladies leaves are starting to twist and turn upside down. heres the details of my grow.

    12 site cap ebb and grow.
    4x8 grow tent
    im currently using 3, 2 bulb t-8 floros
    ph is currently at 5.9
    ppm is at 370
    temp is 69-73
    rh is at 43%

    im using the techniflora kit for success.

    i transplanted to the buckets a little over 3 weeks ago.

    if anybody has any info on this problem please let me know.

    heres some pics if i need to post more its no problem

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  2. alsso the leaves look a bit more wrinkly than usual. if thats makes sense.

  3. Indica look funny like that when they are little. I think it's because they are going to end up with such BIG leaves that they get all squished during the growth process.
  4. thats a releif. thanks for the feedback zoomme
  5. No prob. What strain are you growing?
  6. The ones in the pics are gdp and I'm also growing some afganni Goo. 6 of each but due to a ph problem in the beginning I lost 3 afganni's.
  7. Yup, GDP is def indica. Yeah, that's what it is.
  8. Cool thank you
  9. So are the afghans.
    They look great man.
  10. Just fyi....

    Hydro is an advanced way of growing. In the sense that the plants grow faster than they would in nature. So sometimes in hydro the plants will do some wierd things, its because they're growing so fast. your grow is going great. They look nice and green.
  11. Thanks for the info fif.

    I picked indicate so I didn't have to deal with the height of a sativa in my grow tent. I thought it would be the best wag to go for my first grow. But I've learned gdp are really good beginner plants but the Goo not so much.

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